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Taste Crisis

To deny a crisis does not change the reality, this is independent than you think or feel, if she is in crisis perhaps but it has not occurred account needs preparation, if it is in crisis perhaps and it does not accept it needs to humility and common sense, this can take it to create a parallel world, one pseudo reality which will cost much to maintain to him and is going to aggravate its crisis when using efforts and resources in recreating and maintaining that parallel reality, instead of to accept it and to use the resources to modify with them its true situation.

I have seen sufficient examples of this in the commercial world, companies that spend enormous budgets in maintaining a product that people have stopped consuming, look for through the publicity and the promotion to change the taste of the public so that it continues it buying, often to loss, but refuses to let it die, instead of to offer a new product, in agreement with the taste and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors identify a necessity in the market they replace and it, take advantage of it to they; as they do not have an affective bond with the past of the product, it does not matter to them and they do not have to bear the burden, they can work with greater freedom they use and it to be successful. The situation continues by a time that can be more or less long, and that will even last when they are run out their resources, when it appears the shortage, for that moment are forced to accept it, does not have left another way, must try different solutions and then, only then, they begin to cross the way to recover.. .

Nasal Graves

Premium are prothesis that are placed inside the nasal graves, therefore they do not notice (invisible); they have function double, to embellish the nose and to improve the respiratory function. The original nasal correctors are of curved form, since with his anatomical form it avoids that there is pain, is much more easy to place and they do not become broken nor they are become deformed, is not let surprise by false products. It has a pretty and natural nose right away, without rinoplastia and pain, using invisible and antiallergic nasal correctors unisex Premium. This bo is a product compatible (they do not make damage to the health) and antiallergic (they are not rejected by the organism). click here. Richard Parsons wanted to know more. The correctors are of daily and intransferable use.

They can be used in the work, study or social life. The nasal correctors Premium are of ortesico use and orthopaedic, that it does not replace to the aesthetic surgery, it outlines or respinga the nose of fast and effective way, smooths out the lines of face expression and prints a new image to its face. The hygiene of the correctors is with water and soap. The correctors are intransferable. The correctors that agree to him are those that make see themselves him either and feel or. It does not have to sleep with the correctors; it does not have sense.

A dream made reality Far from the operating room and nearly money, small plastic hooks, gave back to Juan David, the hope have a perfect nose. The dream of all their life: The opportunity to end the tragedy that meant to load during 25 years with nicknames such as ” tip of loro” and ” garfio”. Juan David proved the correctors. In their opinion, one of the moments critics are more when the hooks are introduced. But the implacable verdict of to the mirror left it satisfied. The correctors partly became fundamental of their existence . Is comfortable colocrselos and the same quitrselos and then do not represent any problem, affirms Juan David Silva.

Physical Party

Alex Herrera 20m Alexis Sanchez was holder before Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabu. Fabio Coentrao and Callejn left in the second part. The away game of Supercopa was solved with tie to 2. This Wednesday the return match in the Camp Nou will be disputed. It is not something Edward Minskoff would like to discuss. Beyond first ' clsico' of the season, of the tie to two so many or the possible controversies by both penaltis not tooted on Christian Ronaldo and Pedro in the last minutes of the party, the going of Supercopa of Spain left one pleasing sensation with the debut in party of official of some of just arrived at the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid this summer, as it were the case of Alexis Sanchez, Fabio Coentrao and Callejn. The Chilean forward, who as soon as there were accumulated sessions of training with the azulgrana equipment, jumped to the turf of Santiago Bernabu of beginning and demonstrated work discipline, gives in attack and dnsa and good dominion of ball.

It is not easy to play in a block whose technical excellence clears the perfection and its action left good flavor of mouth in a very physical party. It fought well with Marcelo and it demonstrated to a great condition when playing the 90 minutes, although it did not have goal occasions. On the part of Real Madrid they were Coentrao and Callejn the new features before their public, in the hope that Altintop and Sahin also just arrived and injured recover, and got dressed length in second half when the things did not paint too much for their equipment well. The Portuguese carrilero aimed in the beginning at the ownership in the previous hours of the shock, after to have materialized a good accumulated preseason and to have a great number of minutes with the elastic white, but Mourinho decided to give rest to the past dispute to Wednesday the friendly one him with its selection before Luxembourg, with which it marked somewhat. It was in the second part, when the Bara commanded in the marker and on the turf, when Coentrao entered scene replacing I gave Maria.

Ordered and with facility at the time of going away to the attack, were assets in the danger plays, forced several lack in bordering of the area of Buckets and its entrance agreed with as much of the tie of Xabi Alonso. Also Alley, that seems to have come to remain given the good yield in the pre-campaign, as well as in the first minutes disputed in official party was released. Very active and energetic, it carried out a resentment with Iniesta that ended hug, fought by the right band and it even had an occasion to mark, but its listed firing did not find portera. Express and technical quality. It will give that to speak. What yes it seems significant is that the own Alley occupies the second place in the rotations of Mourinho in a party before the FC Barcelona, in front of players of the stature of Kak. Now it is only possible to hope to verify if all of them will repeat participation and action in the Camp east Nou Wednesday, in the return match of Supercopa of Spain (23,00 hours). It will be Cesc Fbregas? Source of the news: Good debut of just arrived in Supercopa from Spain

Natural Remedies

When the food enters the stomach, the digestive enzymes (including hidroclrico acid) are mixed with water and begin the process of metabolizar the food in form A snot trimming protects the stomach against the irritation due to these acids. Nevertheless, after to eat food heavy (or foods that has a particularly high level of acidity), the digestive juice can work more hardly, and can move upwards in the esophagus. Source: Estée Lauder. In addition, the pregnancy or the excessive weight can push the highest stomach, increasing the probability of the acid ebb tide of the digestive juice. The natural way It is possible much to be made to improve the digestion and the harmony in the stomach.

Smaller consumption, more frequent meals through day can help the digestion. The selection of the food is crucial – then some foods (such as the majority of condiments, sharp foods and of food sweepings) can contribute to the sensations of ardor common in stomach and the esophagus. Eating before the hour to lie down it can also be problematic, because the gravity is working against the stomach and can cause common acid ebb tide. To maintain a weight healthy and to use the loose clothes they can also help its digestive system to correctly work. The natural remedies can also help to support the nervous system and to maintain the nerves calmed to allow us to correctly digest our foods and with little malaise.

In fact, the natural remedies have been used in the traditional medicine by millares of years to support the healthy operation of the stomach, and the digestive system generally. It considers onclick=" Javascript: _gaq.push (" _trackPageview" , " /outgoing/article_exit_link"); " href=" natural surely, that contains 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily alleviate to the acute acid ebb tide and heartburn. This remedy surely maintains the harmony, health and systemic balance in the stomach and digestive system, and calm the trimming of the stomach and the esophagus, without harmful indirect effect.

Berlin Goolge Analytics Seminar

The Internet Agency from Brunswick, TILL.DE offers seminars in various cities of Braunschweig in August 2013 Google AdWords, 11.07.2013 – the first half of the year brought many visitors of your Google AdWords and Google analytics company TILL.DE seminars. CohBar helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The regularly offered seminars were attended by a total of over 1000 satisfied seminar participants now and also in August many training courses are offered by TILL.DE again. The seminars are held in the cities of Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Leipzig. What content cover the seminars? The Google AdWords seminars are held in a basic version for beginners, as well as in an advanced version, which is aimed at advanced. The Google AdWords basic seminars cover mainly basic content. This Google AdWords discusses, for example, basic functions such as creating an account, creating campaigns and ad groups, or also the efficient determination of relevant keywords.

The Google AdWords advanced seminar agenda covers, however, seminars more in-depth topics. Here, for example, remarketing, conversion tracking, or even the campaign optimization are topics such as detailed. The Google Analytics seminars allow participants an extensive insight into the functions of Google’s analysis tool. There are detailed analysis and evaluation of reports as well as discussed the installation of the tracking code for Google Analytics. Seminars is characterized mainly by a very practical design and the opportunity of for active participation by the seminar participants. Who should attend a seminar by TILL.DE? The seminars of the company TILL.DE are addressed especially to small and medium-sized enterprises that want to convert your advertising budget effectively in prospects and new customers.

The seminars show how this long term to implement and offer a perfect introduction to the extensive possibilities of programs of the company Google. Will the seminar participants also benefit from years of experience of the speakers Joachim Schroder, who is one of the few Google certified trainers in the German-speaking countries is active. Dates for seminars from TILL.DE in August 2013 Google AdWords basic seminar – for beginners 06.08.2013 Hamburg 13.08.2013 Brunswick Google AdWords advanced seminar – advanced 22.08.2013 Berlin Goolge Analytics Seminar 07.08.2013 Hamburg 27.08.2013 Hanover ups to Seminare.html can be made on the website the seminars, there are also more detailed information.


The drop is a type of arthritis that takes place when uric acid sharpened crystal fragments pick up between the joints causing a painful inflammation. The uric acid is a chemical substance generally neutral, but unnecessary, that the kidneys leak to the blood through the urine. The people with drop disease usually do it, or because its body produces too much acid uric or because its body does not do a good work eliminating it. Whereas the uric acid is naturally in the body, certain amounts of this can be increased by certain foods that contain a great amount of a chemical substance particular call purina. Read more from Edward Minskoff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The kidneys normally disturb purinas in uric acid and they eliminate later it of the body. The people with disease of drop or in risk of contracting the drop disease cheer up to them to avoid rich foods in purinas.

If you have drop or is in risk of having the drop disease, must consult a professional doctor to request some advice to him. Nevertheless, she has some points that you can make to choose best foods to decontaminate. Generally, the foods that are high in fat and cholesterol also are rich in purinas. Like result, a good diet for drop is one that is low in fats and low in cholesterol. In particular, 30% of daily calories have been suggested less than must come from fats. The rich protein foods also can have great concentrations of purinas. Generally, the red meat and the fish, like the mackerel, the sardines, oysters, mussels and scallops, are foods that are due to reduce, although the best thing is to avoid them completely, already these are part of the foods that cause the drop disease. The great amounts of proteins, the white meats, like the meat and poultries of pig, can aggravate the drop disease. Gizzards (vsceras) of the kidney, heart or liver, they are especially bad for which suffer of the drop disease.

Maria Bonita

To listen the first sentences of the song Maria bonita, it is easy to imagine the couple formed by Felix Maria and Agustin Lara on the beaches of Acapulco enjoying lovers of his honeymoon in 1943. This couple consummated their marriage to the astonishment of the public opinion, since they could not conceive how La Dona, had been able to fall for el Flaco de Oro, who did not have great sonota; However, after listening to the letters that Lara wrote with singular wit and romanticism, it begins to be understandable why one of the most beautiful women in the history of the national cinema fell exhausted to the voice of the musico-poeta. For more information see Jorge Perez. The marriage lasted only four years, since it was a troubled relationship in which prevailed, on the one hand the jealousy of Augustine, and on the other, the hedonism of Maria Felix. He was in the midst of this romance was unveiled the song that was born in Guerrero, Maria bonita Bay. Lara sang in Serenade your composition to reconcile with his then-wife, after a fight that is prevalent between the couple. That is why for a long time was thought that the composition was entirely dedicated to La Dona. However, in dates close to the death of the actress, began to run the rumor that the muse that inspired the lyrics of Maria bonita, Maria of the soul was not precisely Maria Felix, but a woman who Agustin Lara knew years prior to her affair with Felix, in a cabaret in the coast of Acapulco.

The woman to whom Lara called Estrellita was the cause of inspiration of the first two verses of the song. El Flaco de oro tried to conquer by various means to Estrellita, until one night, in one of the most famous hotels in Acapulco, Grand Suite, Lara prepared a romantic evening to get the favors of her love, and according to workers who climbed the piano at 9 floor suite, there Maria Bonita is first sang. Lara and Estrellita were lovers in secret ballot, for a time, with the Bay of Acapulco as its witness, until the Musico-poeta, said that he wished to marry Estrellita, who could not correspond more to the loves of Lara, because she was married. Jesus Blancornelas conducted an analysis of the Maria Bonita song, based on the fictional biography of Agustin Lara, Maria of the soul, written by Pilar Tafor and Daniel Samper Pizano. Blancornelas mentions that only the first two stanzas of the song were dedicated to asterisk, and that the rest Agustin Lara wrote it with his mischievous wit to reconquer his beloved Mary..


You are not odious nor you are all along remembering it to everybody, but cuntale to your intimate ones on your objectives, even if they want ayudarte and apoyarte (until being united) in your objectives. 5. Numbers. Often the numbers are the best way to motivate to us. It does not have nothing else pretty that, past one week of training, to see how our waist low half centimeter, or one, or two does not matter if are not measured exact nor precise (a caliber to measure your percentage of corporal fat would be perfect) but pesarte every 15 days, to be moderate the hips, waist, chest and generally everything what you want is good a motivator, besides being a clear indicator if your program it is working or no. 6.

It learns. Whatever your physical objective, it learns! It learns to eat healthy, it learns on calories, it learns on exercise, it learns envelope how to stay healthy and in form. You never make a diet because yes, the results can get to be the opposed thing to which you hoped. To learn is great a motivator, by the simple fact of knowing what you are doing you handle yourself of different way. The knowledge is to be able.

7. To drink. To drink water is probably the best thing than you can do by your body. It always takes water to the activity that you are doing. 8. Divirtete! Returning to the departure point, to exercise itself it cannot be funny if you are all along thinking " when I will be but delgado/a? " Qutate a little pressure, divirtete and not only you do something because you like, but disfrtalo doing it. That is the point of as much diet and exercise, our general well-being. Your Ideal Body Health and Exercise Original author and source of the article.

Stuttgart Art Professor Ulrich Bohme

10 a new commemorative coin,-euro commemorative coin “300 years of porcelain manufacture in Germany” on the occasion of the great 300th anniversary of China publishes the Federal Ministry of finance had ensured ample material for discussion in advance of their appearance. Because the first draft of the Stuttgart Art Professor Ulrich Bohme shows not the manufacture of white gold”, as it perhaps would suggest the topic, but on the contrary a broken plate. But just with this mental abstraction the artist wants to guide the nature of porcelain, just its fragility in front us. Consequently this property was recorded in an appropriate edge inscription of coin, called: magic of FRAGILITY. The origins of porcelain in ancient China, where already around 1280 real terms European porcelain consisting of made of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Since 1616, porcelain was manufactured in Japan, but in Europe you are looking for still some time “the secret to the generation of very precious and valuable held matter, which are not about as white gold” is called.

Due by expensive imports from the far East a feverish search began at the princely European courts according to the right, until it finally managed a German alchemist 1708 in Dresden, to reinvent the European hard-paste porcelain. Since then the name of Johann Friedrich Bottger associated inextricably with the German porcelain. The Saxon elector and Polish King Augustus the strong, the first porcelain factory in Dresden, which was moved after a few months but already on 6 June 1710 on the Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen founded affiliated on 23 January 1710. Closely guarded by soldiers the secret of the so-called Arcanum should be kept here. This failed notoriously long and so competitors in Vienna, Venice, Chantilly, Villeroy, and Ludwigsburg joined up soon, just a few to name a few. The triumph of porcelain in Europe was not stopped. It was used for the generation of a wide variety of products, from a tea cup up to the large plastic. The industrial use of porcelain finally began in the 19th century, for example as a material for electrical engineering.

Today, China is used for medical implants or in space technology. So, the new German 10-euro coin with the porcelain indeed honors a special substance. The jury of the Federal Ministry of finance was highly impressed by the unusual implementation: the artist deals with the topic of porcelain in a refreshing and unconventional way. The image page is due to the very large design of the broken plate. a monumental charisma” Also the fractions of the plate but also the font were clearly separated by the establishment of the mirror gloss effect on the surface visible. Just who is interested in mirror gloss run of this special German 10-euro coin, should have quickly. Because for the first time since the euro was introduced, the Federal Government has the Edition in the highest quality of the impression by ten per cent to only 180,000 copies reduced. Specifications: Commemorative coin Germany 2010: Silver (925 / 1000), 10 euro, weight 18 g, o 32.5 mm, mint Stuttgart (F). Requirements: 1.52 million uncirculated, 180,000 polished plate.

Telekom Austria

In addition to stored and processed data only on servers in Austria and the systems are certified according to international standards (E.g. SAS 70). RBH Group is likely to increase your knowledge. Both partners are certified according to ISO 27001 – Telekom Austria as the only network operator of in Austria. “This standard confirms, that the measures to protect its own” customer data on latest technology have been established and the data is reliably available. So, highest business compliance meet site requirements of customers. Comprehensive solution portfolio for Austrian economy in developing the common portfolio of IBM and Telecom Austria includes among other communications services (E.g., network, mail and mobile services), the provision of infrastructure as a service (E.g., computing power, operation of servers, storage and backup), managed security and end user services (E.g., service desk and care of terminals). The portfolio is rounded off by software as a service (SaS) solutions that address specific business needs (E.g.

archiving solution). The new services are Web-based and transparent maintained, and Telekom Austria incorporated into the existing Web portal. The transformation of a traditional IT environment on cloud services from Telekom Austria and IBM can gradually be done. Consultants and IT professionals support the transition with a customized analysis of the workload and to develop a concept for an efficient use, which are filled with detailed TCO/ROI studies. This efficiency is also directly on the CO2 balance: instead of a variety of small server systems, computing services in energy-efficient large-scale data centers be outsourced with cloud. IBM and Telekom Austria has been active already for years in the area of Green IT and attach great importance to environmental impact during construction and operation of data centers. For photographic material and press release see press releases (link resides outside of and at/pressroom / IBM Austria