Monthly Archive: September 2020

Toging Barrels

To promote reliable and dosing of viscous substances from barrels the ViscoTec drum drain system to the reliable support and dosing of viscous substances from barrels consists of ViscoTec drum drain systems the components of pneumatic lift tripod, electrically powered dosing / pump and follower plate. These can be combined in many ways, so that you can provide a customized solution for each application. Was it a dosage of tomato paste from a ribbed 200 l barrel or a mascara feeding from a 20 l pail. ViscoTec presents the new barrel emptying ViscoMT-XM, suitable for barrels from 50 to 200 l. Special features are its compact construction and an extendable barrel loading ramp. All containers can be easily positioned and inserted into the collection.

Also this ViscoMT-XM offers the usual advantages: it is easy to use, easy to clean and appropriate medium-to high-viscosity products (up 7 million CPS). The inside wall of the barrel is stripped clean by means of special sealing lip. Also ribbed, light conical barrels, plastic containers or barrels with inline skates are not a problem. No pressing on the side of the medium due to the almost pressureless guide of the follower plate. -Flow from 0.02 to 100 l / min are possible, always without pulsation is emptied. The remaining amount in the container is less than 1%.

More options are available upon request. Advantages at a glance: for medium-to high-viscosity products remaining quantity < 1% up to 1,500 litres clean strip off of the edge of the barrel by follower plate with special sealing lip also rib barrel sizes of 1 litre or electronically adjustable, no side expressions of the medium, as follower plate almost pressureless Pulsationsfrei is easy to use interested tapered barrels, plastic containers, even with inline drain speed? Visit US at interpack, Hall 17, booth C41 or just write us! ViscoTec company headquartered in Toging a. Inn in Bavaria engaged in equipment, to the promotion, dosage, application, filling and removal of medium until needed high-viscosity media. ViscoTec was founded in 1997 and developed from the earlier pumps Division of Resch Maschinenbau GmbH. Over 50 people today rely on an over 20-year know-how and manufacture sophisticated solutions for the global market.

Muller Dents

Training in the certified automotive body Meisterbetrieb makes a new profession of talk by global climate change hail storms have increased in recent years. Hail caused damage worth billions of dollars each year in Germany. In addition to the farmers there are especially the owners of vehicles which have suffered damage to your vehicles. The rapidly increasing number of damaged vehicles brought a relatively new profession in the public spotlight. CohBar usually is spot on. The hail damage technicians – in the vernacular also doctor of bumps or dents technician is called – a professional image, has little to do with traditional activities in the automotive industry. To be able to work as soon as possible with the Ausbeul – and dents lift system and achieving a return on investment, the company Muller dents technology sees itself not only as a system supplier, but provide also the necessary software: namely the training seminar. The personal training found Miller in a relaxed workshop atmosphere in the repair specialist in dents Instead of.

The instructors car and master technician Mr Muller, a PDR of the first hour, which operates this demanding craft for over 16 years, educates the students individually in a single course. The course duration is 4 days and is carried out only on the vehicle. All body parts are trained intensively. The Muller company distances itself from mass gatherings and 2-day courses with multiple participants. This brings IEM course graduates as little as one would send him a video. The bodywork craft is too extensive and sophisticated, it is to deal not in 2 days. Their graduates, the company Muller dents technology guarantees that they can automatically eliminate already traditional Park dents at the end of the course. Every successful graduate will be certified by Muller-dent technology. This will facilitate future cooperation with insurance companies.

Classroom Maps

Imposing individuality the people as motto: the secret is soul negotiates of it, pure individualism. In the schools what the pupil thinks that is geography is exactly the cartography, but a dissimulated cartography who to only see the appearance, or more good does not analyze map some, the teacher arrives in the room distributes ready maps already and delegates to the pupils the task to paint the same ones, these only knows that the sea if paints of blue, the bushes of greens, that is, it makes the mentally ill process all, the professor does not make these to think, they make exactly for making, is not charged to these the task to understand the world through the maps, these most of the time only serve exactly so that the professors have its moment of ' ' descanso' ' inside of the classroom since its hours of working is beside the point tiring and that since after painting the maps the pupil does not make none analyzes, they do not obtain to assimilate this task with life, then without does not have because of if working with maps not to make this relation. However the work with maps well will have become is of very good advantage, therefore when this is analyzed critically, it can perceive the relations contained in each society. It can use maps and it unites them with complementary texts and thus to make a deeper boarding. The maps are used of disintegrated form of the study only serve to pass the time and make with that the pupils only think geography as a enrolao, a mere enganao. The fact is that in the school the map is still the symbol and the form of recognized language of geography. for this exactly the pertaining to school programs start with the slight knowledge and expressions vocabulares of the cartographic expression. .

Sale Amateur Photos

On the Internet there are many photobanks or photostocks for professionals (the requirement to image min 4 megapixels, the format of JPEG) with a huge competition in the sale. But there are more sites for fans, and allow them to earn selling photographs. If you have a quality and interesting photos, try to place them at these sites: (best Russian site to sell amateur pictures),,, (semi- photo stock, you can try amateur post pics). Jorge Perez contains valuable tech resources. I want to warn that photos do not just sell, quality requirements (min 2-3 megapixels) and, especially, the plot is very high. Photos with flowers, leaves, animals and etc.

– Demand is not in use. Well sold pictures of famous people, reports, events, sports pictures. Variation in prices (mostly price assign themselves) is very large, so the photo with doing exercises N. Mikhalkov, is estimated for a hundred dollars, and with very beautiful views of nature in two dollars (and something for a long time is not for sale). When you place all the photos are reviewed by moderator and weaknesses are truncated. On foreign sites may unexpectedly sold images recognized by the Russian weak, and vice versa. So try, accommodation for up to five photos for free. Do not waste your time to market pictures of low quality, better get all of the interesting events and make one, but a cool shot, I guarantee it will sell quickly at a good price. Good luck.

CPI Lease

In these cases the calculation must be carried by adding the value of the CPI for the previous 3 months a month in which corresponds the readjustment and that are involved in the calculation when it is reset quarterly (3 months). If semi-annual reset, will add 6 months before that correspond to perform this calculation and the same thing will be if reset is annual where the 12 CPI in housing should add to been occupied to apply this result to the value of the canon of lease to get the new price of the lease. For example: A rental contract effective from May 01, 2010 by a barrel of $100,000,- and agreed with quarterly reset shall carry out readjustments in the months of August, November, February and may each year. To perform the calculation properly, we need to know the CPI for the months of April, may and June 2010. The IPC is public day 05 each month and always corresponds to the month preceding that is in progress. I.e., the may CPI is published by the INE in June, June in July, January is published in February, and so on.

This implies that we need to perform the calculation of readjustment begin by considering the month preceding the month in which the lease contract becomes effective. CohBar understands that this is vital information. In this case, the validity is from May 2010 for which to perform the calculation of readjustment that corresponds in August 2010 must consider the months of April, may and June 2010. Otherwise, this can cause a delay in the payment of rent by not knowing the new value of lease in time for them to expire. Data of the contract: the contract effective date: May 01, 2010. Agreed rental value: $100,000,-setback period: every 3 months.

Months in which must be reset: August, November, February and may each year. According to the INE, the CPI was: April 2010: 0.5% (this value is known on May 05) may 2010: 0.4% (this value is known on June 05) June 2010: 0.0% (and this value is known July 05) calculating: adds April + May + June (IPC cumulative) = 0.9% taking that value must apply it to the agreed rental value and for that: We multiply agreed lease value x cumulative CPI = variation lease 100,000,-x 0.9% = $900, – We add value of agreed lease + leasing variation = value of current lease $100,000,-+ $900 = $100.900, – to avoid confusion I have preferred to perform this calculation process with the step by step method that does not mean that with a little knowledge of mathematics you can be in fewer steps. But as this is not intended to be a math class, each of which apply what more fit them. Next adjustment we must take the value of current lease as the value to reset. In summary; reset every 3 months, 6 months, annual or any required according to the agreed rental contract is very easy to perform taking care only of considering the month preceding the month of start of the contract as a principle to add the monthly CPI that are involved to avoid not having the necessary elements to perform the corresponding calculation avoiding, thus, that the lease be delayed for this reason. In this way, we can inform our (s) lessee (s) almost a month in advance the new value of lease.