BackupAssist On German Available

Equipped with advanced features, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get a complete backup solution. The special feature of BackupAssist version 5.3 is the German language guide. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from angelo zino. New is also a ZIP-to-data \”-engine for flexible real time compression and decoding in ZIP files for the version of Windows Vista, 2008, and Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 BackupAssist also allows a maximum speed at minimum backup size of the file being compressed.\” Add direct mailbox backups, the backup of Exchange 2007 as well as a new backup console come to the simple recovery of files and folders. The new version of BackupAssist is rounded off by a 265-bit AES encryption technology. Official site: Gavin Baker Atreides Management.

Customers will receive with BackupAssist 5.3 a current version in the German language, the first of all the Reseller market in roof inspired’, so Andreas Schroder, product manager at EBERTLANG. \”And he adds: the new features, such as the BackupAssist ZIP engine, using their data directly into ZIP files can be secure are important in this context.\” The highlight: The engine can each location under Windows Vista and 2008 as well as SBS 2008 including the backup via FTP, DVD and REV drives. An additional storage on tape is the also newly available ZIP-to-tape \”-addon ahead.\” Other functions, such as backing up Exchange 2007 or the new BackupAssist console for easy restore of files and folders, complete the solution portfolio. The solution of BackupAssist is aligned with the advanced functions on lean and flexible processes to meet the demand, especially for backup requirements in the SME environment. The solution is fully operational in just a few minutes thanks to the Configuration Wizard. Within the clearly arranged user interface, users can files and whole Select the directories comfortably to secure and automatically perform.