Communitarian Agents

Therefore, we see of denoted form that to inform to the users on its abilities and abilities is more than what a right of the citizen, but yes a gesture of responsibility and commitment with the same, therefore thus the effective action will only be developed e, in turn, reached. It is a complicated task, however not impossible, a time that the errnea vision that if has of the profession disables the professionals to act of the concrete form. 6DIAGNSTICO SOCIAL To carry through this work of situacional diagnosis was a challenging task for us, academics, who we carry through period of training in the area of the health, a time that the social matters that if they accent here, as already displayed, if present very of ample form and of well fast form. The race for solutions, ours to see, started since the concern with the research and the elaboration of this and what we could evidence is that, to work with questions more specific, we would have that to analyze all. When making this, we evidence that the situation where if it found the field and, of more specific form, the user of the services of the NASF took in them to a more minute analysis of the cases.

Inside of the searched one, we saw that the part most important to be worked was the question of the information that would have to be given to the users in relation to the true craft of the Social Service. We evidence in our research that the majority of the users does not have knowledge some on the work of the Social Assistant what it would make it difficult in playing of the tasks of the professional and the developed program. For this, we analyze the following one: if the attended population, that is the basic part for the work of the professional, does not know which the true paper of the Social Assistant, as to work other questions, without the users understand as this if he gave? The analysis took in them worrying in them about the question of the information that it needs to be given not alone to these users who are uninformed, but also to the professionals of the Health who act with them, as it is the case of the Communitarian Agents of Health, the ACS, that in its majority do not understand or it does not know which the duty of the professional of the Social Service. Estee Lauder Chief Executive has many thoughts on the issue.