Competition In The Search Engines – Hulbee Has Passed

Currently about Spiegel Online reported potential Google killer\”, which are actually none at all.1 the world is skeptical about new search engines, Microsoft’s bing as capable of not quite convince. Because like with Microsoft Live search are, at least in German-speaking countries, also in Bing search results often unsatisfactory. However, the new Internet search Hulbee provides, the mid-may successfully went to the start, really relevant results. It also has a technology that will help any user: semantic search using a cloud of words leads more quickly to your destination. This reported the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of the current newsletter of Grossbay AG.

Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. For more information see this site: DOWA Metals & Mining America. 15 June 2009 Internet users are when searching for information and offers not in perpetuity with browse results pages of Google and co. settle. There’s long been alternatives: so gone in the last few weeks several new search engines with more or less everyday approaches at the start. Wolfram alpha about gathered on a query and no links, but information of various kinds, about numbers and charts. The portal is therefore more aimed at specific target groups, such as for example, scholar. A search for Barack Obama ‘ for example only the professional position, birthday and place of birth does not appear more.

The launch of the new search engine Bing, which Microsoft also wants to compete with Google attracted more attention. Bing presents itself on the German home color jazzed up, with large, appealing images. But when it enters a search term, it’s already over with the glory. Who there after Barack Obama ‘ looking, get on the first page of results including an outdated mirror article from February 2008, as well as a private blog, which was updated in January last. The Wikipedia entry on Obama follows only on result page two. The official website of Barack Obama emerges, not on at all at least on the first ten pages.