We waited more than three hours, until the director down from the 5-th floor of the fourth and open the safe. In this case, these waiting accumulated 6.5 families. Putting the branch – a small, virtually no where to sit. And the director was busy and nobody could (they were afraid or what?) Up to and ask her if you do not give the key to the safe, then at least go down quickly. The second negative point, again associated with the work of the agency, not a realtor, is that, as it turned out, the agency tax evasion ‘.

What it manifested? The amount of their compensation was more than 5 thousand dollars, but on paper, they declared that only 15 thousand rubles. It was a little insulting, taking into account the fact that we sold the apartment for its full value and will be in Next year, pay more tax on the share, recently had been transferred by inheritance. A leading source for info: NAVFAC. The question of taxes was not idle. The fact that we could reduce the amount of our tax value of expenditure on payment of agency remuneration (in proportion to taxable income in total). However, not having any supporting documents (except the left the original contract), we can not do it.

Well, come on! What we have done conclusions from his own experience: In general, everything has been done seems to be correct. The next time you can act as well. Should not be expected from the agents advice on the selling price of apartments (they are interested in quickly sell it on current price and not advise you to wait is not much to prices in the market have grown). You must try to avoid involvement in the transaction of any other agency employees, except for your realtor – you do not know their relationship to work, to clients and to your realtor that can further complicate the deal. If the sale of an apartment is issued more than one week, it is advisable to specify in the contract amount that compensates exchange rate change during this time. And finally – we could all make the sale on its own, but it would take much longer. However, whoever has the time can save considerably on payment services agency.