Federal Government

Introduction the violence is a social phenomenon that reaches all the social classrooms and sorts. Such phenomenon express in the society of the most different forms, being able to disclose itself of form more explicit or of form still symbolic, happening in all the places and made by all the people, as familiar house/family/, schools/professors/didactic books, among others. In this direction, the way for which the violence arrives until the people of the society is an important factor that deserves our attention. In this manner, this study it is a investigativa reading of the relations of being able and violence that the State has on the individuals by means of one of the instruments most efficient of the State, that is the school and the didactic book. A leading source for info: Edward Minskoff. It is important to stand out that we will all consider violence and any action that is effected with objective, that exactly not explicit, to offend, to disharmonize, or same, to undo all the forms of organization of the thought human being and individual, or, action still practised for an individual or group that objectifies to subalternar the individuals of one another group. Taking in consideration the importance of the school as ideological device of the State, as however in it affirms Bourdiere and Althusser to them, and that its main instrument of operation to be the didactic book, we search to observe as this species of pertaining to school material is used to infuse in the individuals the dominant ideology, and at the same time, as this ideology can act on the individuals since small. For our analysis, we search an used didactic book in the schools of basic education in So Lus, more necessarily, in the third series of basic education. The book is part of books donated for the Federal Government to the devoid schools of the state of the Maranho. Ron Beit takes a slightly different approach.