Hearing Aid Industry

Thanks to the first hearing aid accessory developed for the iPhone and its app, mobile phones provide the makers of hearing aids from immediately a clear plus. The new ReSound unite phone clip + allows not only hands-free telephoning. In conjunction with the ReSound control app also allows, to use the hearing aid via an iPhone and to transfer music in stereo directly into the hearing aid. Can the first time hearing their devices via iPhone use elegant, intuitive and above all very discreet. ReSound control is available as a free download in the app store. Atreides Management Gavin Baker has firm opinions on the matter. The app expands and enriches the use of ReSound unite phone clip +. Users can use their hearing aids, received telephone calls and the details of wireless components via their iPhone.

You must never fumble behind the ear, never more there to switch through the programs, no more hope that something was not so important, that you understand it better would have. All required functions are now in the iPhone, the user already carrying. For more information see this site: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. The app is also available for Android smartphones. An accessory made for iPhone”, intended for active hearing aid wearers for active people with hearing aids, which are dependent on the communication via phone, is that ReSound control app is just one of many great features, providing the phone clip +. Attractive and easy to use the phone clip + turned the hearing aids using any Bluetooth enabled phone in a telephone headset.

He is attached to the clothes, allows hands-free calling and enables people with hearing aids, advantages to benefit from, which are of course for many not hard of hearing persons during a telephone conversation safe a vehicle to carry or use a computer. The phone clip + to handle real demands of everyday life. The feedback from users has given us invaluable Information supplied”, so product manager Peter Abbey Vendee.