Leasehold Police

It had not paid in a powerboat they fined and it by irregular conduction. The arrested one is a young person of 22 years of French nationality. When they found it to the agents, it was requesting a mountain range to break the trap. A young person of 22 years has been stopped by the Leasehold Police in Zuasti after circulating during 74 kilometers with the immobilized steering wheel around the agents after to have eluded the fuel payment in a powerboat and being fined in the Navarrese municipality of Marcilla. The young person, neighboring French subject of a locality of the Island of France (L' Ha-them-Roses), he has been accused of a crime against the road security by " to lead with manifest recklessness with danger for the life and the integrity of personas". In particular, according to the leasehold Government in an official notice has informed east Friday, the conductor crossed 74 kilometers of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15) – from kilometer 29 in Marcilla to kilometer 103 in Zuasti- with a restraint system placed in the steering wheel of his car, in spite of " not to have the own mobility of a vehicle normal".

police intervention began Tuesday the past, day 9 of August, when the young person was surprised in kilometer 27 of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15) " when it lead at a high speed and it realised advancements without sealizar". A patrol later gave to the stop to the vehicle two kilometers, in kilometer 29 of the AP-15, and sanctioned to the conductor with an administrative lack " by a conduction not diligente". During the time in which the vehicle was prisoner, to the agents one communicated to them that a tourism, who agreed with the description of this car, had left without paying after refuelling in a powerboat of Valtierra. A trap in the steering wheel the leasehold police stated that it was the same conductor and came to immobilize the vehicle with a trap in the steering wheel, until the violator as much paid the amount of the gasoline consumed as of the fine by the irregular conduction. The conductor then did not have the amount in metalist of the fine, that had to pay at the same moment for receiving the sanction, and vehicle remained in the place, immobilized. Time later the patrol approached to see if he had returned the imputed conductor and it observed that the car no longer was there, reason why a device started up to locate it.

The vehicle was found later in the station on watch of Zuasti (Valley of Hoists), of the Freeway of Navarre (AP-15), located to 74 kilometers of the place in which he had been immobilized. At the moment in which they found the conductor, this one was asking a mountain range motorists to break the restraint system of its vehicle. The agents verified in addition who the young person had suspended his driving licence French until November of 2011 and, in addition, counted on several police antecedents in their country. Source of the news: Stopped after circulating 74 kilometers with the steering wheel of its immobilized car