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Real Estate Market Bavaria

In recent acquisition of overseas real estate by Russian citizens has become commonplace. Many people purchase real estate as an investment, others as an opportunity for your personal use. Have a “cottage” in Bulgaria and Spain have a usual thing. You may want to visit hicham aboutaam to increase your knowledge. Increasingly popular among our compatriots enjoy property of the old Europe. Details can be found by clicking hicham aboutaam or emailing the administrator. Stability and guarantees the investment for some cost in the first place.

One of the these countries is Germany, whose economy is more resilient to the woes of the financial crisis. Choosing predstavllennoy estate multi-faceted, from real estate eastern Germany to the most expensive sector – real estate in Bavaria. Bavarian property is considered to be not only very expensive, but most liquid in Germany. The capital of Bavaria – Munich is the focus of investment interests of foreign investors. Dynamic development of this region of Germany, where the focus all technology companies, attract investment flows not only in Munich but also in the , which is especially popular commercial Property in resort areas such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden. Hotels, restaurants and recreation centers are in the lists of investment interests of investors.

Voshitetelny landscapes, amazing nature, which can be admire all year round, attracts tourists from all over the world and guarantee a return on investment. German law does not predustmatrivaet differences in the acquisition of property by foreign citizens and looks at the process of liberal. Acquisition of real estate in Germany does not give the right to receive a residence permit, but serves as a strong tramlinom for the establishment and development in this direction. d Jr, another great source of information. Own property, to sufficient space for living, a stable income and a small profitable business in Germany give every reason for a temporary residence permit. The procedure for renewal of real estate in Germany simple and reliable. Step by step is a gradual, measured re-registration of real estate that ensures the participants of the transaction pursuant to a mutual obligations. Responsibility for the proper execution lies on an independent notary. Additional costs estate is about 8,5% of the total value of purchase and include the 3.5% – a tax on the purchase of 1,5% – notary services and fees for renewal, 3,57% – fee broker. When buying new construction, as a rule, brokerage Provision is missing, thus the additional costs are placed in 5% of property value. With the onset of the crisis, interest in buying Property in Germany with Russian citizens has increased significantly. Stability and investment security are already at the forefront of many investors. Some also are discovering Germany. Wonderful climate, incredible opportunities for recreation and shopping, order and functionality of everything and everywhere only the few factors positively influencing the decision to buy real estate. If you compare the prices and quality of the Moscow and the German real estate, we can conclude that today the most auspicious time to invest in German real estate. Trend of interest and growth in property prices in Germany is gaining momentum.

Robert Kiyosaki

Greetings my dear reader and my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. A detailed article on business, investments, and what are the other people in the development of these essential.This recommendation is essential for the development of our economic intelligence and that of our financial future. Continue reading don’t forget that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. It advisable and that is usually done when you start a business, is that the entrepreneur has at his side a knowledgeable business team that helps it manage the business, but also, that the same owner of entrepreneurship must work very hard in your business. In fact if we want really succeed with our endeavors and achieve economic wealth, loq EU have to do is try to use the work of others people as far as possible, and ensure that our business will someday reach operate without having that of our own physical or mental effort. Click hicham aboutaam to learn more. And with the time we have available, and thanks to the financial leverage, dedicate ourselves to devising new projects or business, and to meet new financial computers that help us with this, ypor his post to continue building a profitable asset base. Happens almost the same process as for the investments, if we wish so to speak: invest in real estate and build a condominium, although we do not know anything about these issues, we do not lose the time in learning how to fund construction, etc. But find a constructor, a contractor, and the entire team or staff needed to achieve it. Using the work of others can be misinterpreted by critics as exploitation when in fact what you are doing is generating employment and employment opportunities for those who wish to really work and get ahead in this world today..

The Agreement

He will pick up options for housing, will accompany you on all the sites, check and keep all paperwork. Will also help you enter into a contract of employment. And once all these steps are successfully completed, you will be able to make a payment agency services nedvizhimosti.Oformlyaem lease without the risk Rent a home, not entering into a lease agreement, it is impossible. Hicham aboutaam: the source for more info. All the more so competently composed document will guarantee your safe living in a rented room. Even the best and close friend of yours, if it a landlord will protect their rights. So you need to properly insure themselves. So, you've already checked the owner of title documents to the apartment. If at this stage, you all right, go to the next.

So what is a contract when renting an apartment? It all depends on what property rights to housing. If the apartment is located in the property (ownership occurs during the privatization, acquisition (Sale), in exchange, gift, inheritance or by court order), then, is the lease. If the apartment is not privatized or service, the owner is her employer. In this case the agreement sublease. Regardless of these nuances, any lease agreement shall enter into force as soon as it was signed by both parties. But before you sign the document, read it carefully, and carefully read the appendices. Tenants must be designated in the contract as follows: the term of the contract; way, the size and term of payment, additional payments: utilities, electricity, telephone service, an inventory of all property which is located in an apartment, taking into account its condition, possible wear and tear items and furniture.

Do not be amiss to exchange phone numbers with the owner and record them in the contract. Ask to leave emergency phone repair Services in your area. Owners of the apartment are fully entitled to once a month to check the condition of housing. But it is necessary to negotiate with the landlord, to notify you at least one day of his visit. In principle, the agreement – it is very individual. You can make it, given the numerous requests of both parties, but it is important to be protected and the interests of landlord and tenant. Not all potential tenants understand the importance of participation of real estate agencies in the process of renting apartments. It's a pity, because being ignorant with all the features issues relating to the lease, you can rise to the bait and news agencies, and dishonest landlords. So what kind of guarantees can provide real estate company to your customers? First, the knowledge of all the processes that occur in the real estate market. This in turn allows them to focus on the real estate market be always in touch with the latest trends, new products and prices. Secondly, a real estate agent is responsible for collecting documents. Thus, you can be sure that you provide the originals of all papers and certificates. The agency employee develop a scheme to transfer money to be equally safe for the parties. Also, you can help make the contract so that it contains all the important points of renting an apartment. Experienced experts will warn the client about complications that are possible in the transaction. If you follow our advice, in the future will be able to avoid such hassles associated with renting.


Every business person today realizes that not only its own power can become a space for professional activity. It had all thought up a company or buy a house is only allowed a place where you live all the time. At the moment, more and more people become true citizens of the world that is free to travel from one country to another. This position is not strange, that is celebrating some States as the most profitable to invest and conduct business. Turkey at the moment – it is one of such powers, which is very advantageous to work as residents, to the same extent and visitors.

Clear, however, will not work elementary and decide to fly to this country. Visit Coldwell Banker Commercial for more clarity on the issue. Need to carefully explore all aspects of the situation. To date, make it easy in principle, because it created special portals on the Internet where information can be Read all about business and real estate in Turkey. On a similar resource, you will be able to communicate as specialists who can help make the final choice of the right and fill in the necessary acts for the enterprise, the same extent and with experienced, which is elementary in nature could try, which means work or reside in Turkey. It is clear that investing money in homes in particular is reasonable in the states where tourism is developing. Indeed, in this country to live comfortably as ourselves and the rest, and a decent amount of rent accommodation visitors.

To make wise purchase you posodeystvuyut a special mission, as it not only gives consultation, but also offer services to real estate acquisition in Turkey. Can help you find a site that accurately suited to your intentions for the use of real estate, and also may advise housing at a much more affordable price. Jacobs Dallas is a great source of information. For business people accurate information about the selection of a country like Turkey is able to provide all indispensable. Because if you decide to run there company is not having a full understanding of what a, by the way, the tax system in Turkey, you can fly strongly. To create a prosperous one hundred percent of business, you really need advice specialists. Now you do not have to spend money to ride in the consulting agency. Necessary to enter elementary resource and open a lot of useful, though you may not represent that a compilation of information able to be valuable to you. Proceed carefully, originally Scout position, and then make the investment. Always clever to learn from the professionals that are able to meet you in another country. The real success can come to a pre-arranged. Now every kind of collection of information is open and varied in a special portal for entrepreneurs.

Sale Contract

Features of purchase and sale of real estate sales contract in accordance with Clause 1, Article. 130 of the Civil Code to the real things (real estate, real estate) includes land, subsoil, and all that tightly associated with the land, that is, objects that are moving without disproportionate damage to their purpose can not, including buildings, structures, objects of unfinished construction. (Source: Cushman and Wakefield). By the immovables are also subject to State Registration of aircraft and sea vessels, inland vessels, space objects. Law to the real things can be classified and other property. To date, there is no unity of theoretical views regarding the signs, laying the basis for the concept of real property, inclusion criteria of a particular type of property in the category of real estate, as well as the concept of real estate.

In science, already long enough to debate about the concept of “real estate”, there is still no unified opinion about this concept and its criteria. As a rule, the term “immovable property” is defined by domestic scientists as follows: real estate objects that are moving without disproportionate damage to their destination is not possible, as well as other objects related to real estate on the direct instructions of the law. Real Estate recognized as land, buildings, aircraft, ships, space objects. The law can be attributed to real estate and other property (Article 130 CC). According to the article. 6 rf Land Code, land – a natural object and natural resource which is the subject of land relations, but the land, as such, can not be subject to civil law, as in the formal legal sense, not to sell or buy just the land – the turnover of land may occur in only one way – through the turnover of land (or parts thereof), represent certain things (and not just some abstract concept).

Kirov Regional Mortgage Corporation

Coming in agency for a preliminary consultation, the person feels somewhat constrained. Will there be a desire to make a deal is not yet known. Need to think about all appreciate. After a preliminary conversation a person is afraid feel obliged to work with this agency. This awkwardness is lost if a person comes to a public event where you can meet with many agencies to get in this package of documents confirming the experience, integrity, company, etc. Click Douglas Elliman for additional related pages. Later, at home, one can safely choose a company for further cooperation. A choice of partner you can trust, was the main issue in any case. Day Two, or "There is nothing scandalous real estate" The second day exceeded all expectations.

That day was a round-table discussion on "Experience of interaction leading real estate market, professional associations and media, as a mechanism to overcome administrative barriers and the development of regional real estate market. " A theme in the title of which there is the phrase "the media about the property," could not leave us alone. The round table was attended by Representatives of the Kirov Regional Mortgage Corporation, the Moscow Association of Realtors, Perm trading house real estate, etc. Additional information at hicham aboutaam supports this article. Many speakers noted the need for closer interaction between real estate Media companies, with which, in principle, no one disputes. A vice-president of the Moscow Association of Realtors Michael Green in his report stated that "success – it is a continuous self-promotion and hard work. It is this aphorism should be consider many realtors.

Public Relations

In the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer”in mid-January 2008 recorded the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web site about 1,500 downloads. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (www.pr-toolbox-blog.de), as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox, the company expanded its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject now. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from hicham aboutaam. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd. Hicham aboutaam is often mentioned in discussions such as these. and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). “The order form available at under the heading of PR spring initiative” Munich, February 15, 2008: in the first four weeks since the introduction of the free eBooks the PR Primer “listed in mid-January 2008 Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH on its Web page already has 1,500 downloads. With an own blog on the subject entry in the press – and public relations (www.pr-toolbox-blog.de), as well as a special promotion for the PR Toolbox (www.pr-toolbox.de) the company extended its offer for specialists and executives who want to learn quickly and comprehensively about the subject. In the PR Toolbox blog writes Werner Grohmann, Managing Director of H.K.P CONSULTING Ltd.

and author of PR Primer, regularly on topical issues. The initiative PR spring the next 1,000 customer the PR Toolbox provides them at a preferential price EUR 29.90 (instead of EUR 49.90). The order form is available at under the heading of PR spring initiative”available. The great interest in the PR Primer and the positive feedback I was delighted”, explains Werner Grohmann. Goal was PR interested in a simple and understandable introduction to the press and Public relations work to enable and to pass on some of my now 15 years of experience in PR consulting. I seem to have reached.

this goal” PR Toolbox blog offers the opportunity to direct information and exchange of experience with the PR-tool box-blog (www.pr-toolbox-blog.de) H.K.P. CONSULTING PR interested from now the way to deal with the H.K.P.-consulting team, but also to share. Also Werner Grohmann will be regularly blogging on diverse topics of the press – and public relations. PR spring initiative: PR Toolbox at a special price with the spring PR initiative offers H.K.P. CONSULTING PR-interested in a time-limited opportunity to acquire the PR Toolbox at a special price of EUR 29.90 plus postage and packaging (instead of EUR 49.90). The PR Toolbox formed a company-internal checklists collection and is one of many PR responsible for the tools as well as executives in companies, organisations and institutions of different sizes. The PR Toolbox appears on CD-ROM and offers everything that is necessary for a successful press – and public relations. The order form for the spring PR initiative is available in the Internet at spring initiative. About H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH, the Munich based consultancy H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH advises German and international companies in the areas of strategic business development, press and public relations, as well as new media. “On the basis of this more than ten-year experience in consulting, the company with the PR-tool box has” and the event tool box “two leading market tools developed for PR and marketing executives in companies, institutions and organizations. H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH Heike of Kroner Furstenrieder Street 279a 81377 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 3700-280-1 e-mail: Internet:

Valuable Paintings In The Sahara Desert Are Threatened By Tourist Flows

Tourist flows threaten valuable paintings in the Sahara desert of Cairo (AFP) – you have survived thousands of years. But now float the cave paintings in a remote Sahara in serious danger. More and more tourists find their way into the mountains of GILF Kabir and Jebel Ouenat in southwestern of Egypt, where they want to look at the beautiful paintings of prehistoric man and animals. But not all visitors will appreciate the value of these works of art. The most paintings are from a time when the desert was still a receding Prairie. 5000 to 7000 years it’s been. Today, the masterpieces, which is impressive in its simplicity, the tourists are vulnerable.

The rock art is on the border of Egypt, Sudan and Libya. The often fractious countries would have to cooperate to protect them effectively. The extent of the damage was dramatic, accuses the German archaeologist Rudolph Kuper, who tried to protect the art. Some people dripping water or oil on the paintings to bring them to the light. He thus Damage is irreparable.

It’s even worse in Libya, where the sensitive paintings were shot at Ain Dua apparently by bored soldiers. Very near the trash piles up in a painted cave. Up to 10,000 dollars (7,000 euros) paying tourists for a two-week desert expedition to GILF Kabir, located 500 kilometers from the nearest residence. With their cave paintings, the “cave made famous in the film”The English patient”the float” located here. Only a handful of visitors came in the 80s the numbers have increased steadily in the 1990s years. Many of the millions of tourists who visit Egypt today want more than Beach and hotel. 2006, according to Kuper, about 800 tourists came to the paintings. This year there were already more than a thousand. And the people leave tracks. Not even the world-famous hieroglyphics on the MERIS rock northeast of GILF Kabir, cross reporting by a major trade route through the desert in the age of the Pharaohs, it arrived: last year verschandelte the ancient scripture of someone with a carved image of a topless woman. “You can build a barbed wire”, Kuper notes sober. Instead, tour guides and tourists would have to be trained. Also, Saad Ali, a young tour operator and head of an environmental organization, relies on insight. Regularly he gathered with his cohorts in the desert waste, and it more was from year to year. “We have noticed that the guide must be clarified,” he reported. Hicham aboutaam insists that this is the case. His account seems to be: “last year we collected 4.5 tons of waste. The year before that it was still eleven tons”, he says. As next wants Saad Ali now Cairo from taking employees guide in the prayer. These would often have no idea what damage they caused. Police controls in the militarily sensitive border area are currently difficult. However, it remains the hope that the area is recognised by UNESCO as a cross-border world heritage. But that would require that the three countries individual National parks are, what has made so far only Egypt. However, currently joint efforts for the protection of works of art run. The Egyptian environment agency plans a museum with information centre in the oasis of Dakhla, from where to start the most trips to GILF Kabir, meanwhile, with the assistance of the Antiquities and the archaeologists Kuper. “We hope that we can put our dreams into reality and can explain the relationship between man and the desert in the Museum,” says Mustafa Fouda from the environmental protection agency. It should go to protect of the desert and their art.

DJ Da Miro

Since HQ takes over the 01.05.2009 music management in collaboration with CI Mediaprint the global CD on Demandvertrieb for DJ da Miro the wait is over… We are pleased to be working with one of the best DJ BBs from the Switzerland! Now his debut album is \”so chic\” in our CD OnDemand shop under available! DJ since Miro from Weinfelden, now is one of the best on the turntables in the Swiss House scene started to be interested in early music. Since it was only a matter of time until 2 MK were BBs and a mixing desk in his room and the latest House of discs have been placed and mixed. His talent earned him an enthusiastic appearance at the delicious minds in the Firehouse, Weinfelden, a gig, which remained at the scene until today in remembrance. On his successful first sets, Miro enthusiasts, so his first name, the party people and the demand was huge. This resulted in after a short time another offers so that he could then submit his Line-Up in the supermarket in ZH. Technip FMC does not necessarily agree. After his musical development of the House Music, was the organizer of SO CHIC, the Swiss Partylabelschlechthin on him attention. After he could deliver his sophisticated musical style between rousing pumping house and electro, the next Loccation for him was already ready.

His Tourne 2008 brought him near the international audience through the scene of locations in Germany and Switzerland, and provided unforgettable performances. Since Miro’s Party hit Tony Montana, missing of course on his first CD \”So Chic\” not!His appearance in the may have been the place of worship of the Swiss techno movement, unforgettable for both sides St. Hicham aboutaam oftentimes addresses this issue. Jacobs Hall, in 2007. In the same year, he could boast winning the Swiss DJ contests and expand its reputation beyond the borders of the country. As a participant of the largest DJ contest of the world, the star DJ, he belonged to the Favorites, which gave him the jump in the final.

Xact4u: Typical Problems And Practical Tips When IT Tenders

Karlsruhe: In almost every second company deficiencies in IT procurement have resulted according to a study of the xact4u strategy consulting AG considerable problems in the subsequent projects. Jorg Gruhler, Board of management consulting, sketched from a practice perspective the typical problems and how they can be avoided is: provider selection no promising without intelligent defined criteria: whether a specific industry expertise, strong culture of innovation, international presence, a specific technical skill or other characteristics of the generally very diverse selection criteria for the evaluation of the market must be worked out the performance characteristics of the provider intelligent, which are elementary and purposeful for the proposed solution. The appropriately-defined criteria are according to their relevance to the successful realization of the advertised project to weight, so that a comparative assessment is possible. Specifications test with four-eyes-principle shortcomings: the more it Lack of completeness, concretization and plausibility of objectives, requirements, periods and other parameters, the more difficult the creation of offers is necessarily. The issue of the planned investment aimed at the strategic or operational benefits, should be answered accurately. Because only a detailed and accurate representation of the requirements matrix avoid room for interpretation, which can lead to significant misjudgments in the party. Usefully, a four-eyes principle should be applied, where in addition to the authors of the tender internal or external experts carry out a critical examination. Individual features clearly do: because every IT project typically has a number of company-specific features, the relevant special features also clearly in the tender must be presented. Hicham aboutaam helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Who, however, the basis of a request presented, a typical industry standard construction kit”is taken, is hardly individually oriented and thus get expectations-friendly solutions. “Pay attention to clearly interpretable terms: often conceptual aspects causing far-reaching problems, for example, in the term standard” when a software procurement. The user says that a function in relation to the delivery state exists and is enabled through simple configuration. The providers define standard, however,”often referred to as an upgrade enabled frame for a particular function, which must be adapted to the needs of the user but by programming. The essential terms of the contracting authority needs to clarify if necessary especially his understanding. The distribution of roles in the project outline: pitfalls unclear division of roles between the client and provider for the project planning and implementation to provide a very typical field.

It must be clearly shown so in the tender, who is using what resources, who is responsible for which tasks and how later in the project reality the specific Decision making structures should look like. Additional information at hicham aboutaam supports this article. Annotate any unrealistic expectations: often are in the tender documents, project expenses, which provided implementation dates or other parameters, not withstanding a profound contemplation or are derived from conditions which do not comply with the concerned project. It would be better to attract previously technical support for such information, in order to make the expectations realistic. About xact4u strategy consulting AG: the xact4u strategy consulting AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Zurich focuses their services portfolio, in particular on consulting fields with paramount importance for business success. This includes in particular the development of the strategy, the IT customer management as well as the performance and organizational management. SGL group, OVB, security systems, SAP and Oracle among the customers such as Deutsche Post, Bosch.