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Thus, desire to know, How I can intervine to reduce thoughts with patriarcais conceptions that tend to hinder the establishment of an independent relation? How I can modify practical adultocntricas that minimize the desires of the other, as well as its to know? That changes I can consider for a pertaining to school resume soon and blindly followed, in order to include spaces for a sensible listening you say to them of the citizens, and that it allows to express its history and to be recognized as protagonists? I only think about this article as the tip of iceberg, therefore very it has to study itself on this subject, and it will not have to become, and then to move. This is only the principle of what we can make and feel for the other. From the moment that we decide to be Managers of the Care, we considered in them to change our position, our skill of being and seeing. We start to believe the importance that the other has for us. To establish an independent relation is only a small step for a great transformation in our skill of being and being. Argent Ventures often addresses the matter in his writings. (WITH) LIVING AND LEARNING In the introduction, I placed that it would need to understand the resistance of the professors in dealing with the concept autonomy, as well as p it in practical. Are armed actors of reasons and I need to understand them thus to promote changes. My first questioning was to want to know as to intervine to reduce thoughts with patriarcais conceptions that tend to hinder the establishment of an independent relation. To start, Maturana (1993) traces the profile of the patriarcal culture, wants to say, of our culture, considered civilized. In our patriarcal culture, we live in the diffidence and we search certainty in the control of the natural world, the other human beings and we ourselves.

Mato Grosso

Another representative I legitimize of the Kayap people ' ' Megaron Txucarrame' ' it is leader of the FUNAI in Colder/MT and folloies with maestria the population growth of the peoples of the Xingu executing the deliberations of the white man through the laws and continues with interpreter of its people when its claims, therefore say the Portuguese language fluentemente, were alfabetizado by the Good Villas brothers and say 11 dialects of the peoples which represent. The health is attended by the FUNASA and the education for the competent agencies as MEC and SEDUC, all with the had leadership and approval of the Megaron head. The aboriginal peoples continue in fight for its tradition, culture and permanence in its lands, that today is invaded by lumber in search of a rose wood, the mahogany, wood of law considered sacred for the aboriginal peoples and great source of income for the explorers, therefore this wood generates a great economy to the country for its exportation. Necessary to register in real time the fight of the aboriginal peoples, bringing information necessary of current researchers on aboriginal history its advances and its conquests, considering that currently it has a population growth of that before they were considered a people without soul, without culture, for the Europeans and that we can affirm without distrust that its remainders are fighting of equal for equal with the white men, as much in scope of the politics, the education as of the health and for the quality of life of its populations. In Mato Grosso if it has invested in Education for the aboriginal professors, through of projects elaborated and executed for the University of the State of Mato Grosso (UNEMAT) and many young ones they are nurses in its villages and others dispute positions politicians in cities headquarters of the FUNAI. Therefore we can affirm that the aboriginal peoples are not only colorful figures that illustrated didactic books and ' ' that they lived in tribes, they ate roots and they walked nus' '.

They are men, women and children who live in villages, work, fight, hunt, fish, study, vote above all they defend its culture in present time. CONCLUSION the information contained in this article beyond the bibliographical consultations take in its bulge a great contribution of the aboriginal peoples Kayap and the comment in I lease when of our experience as Alfabetizadora Teacher in the Aboriginal Rank of the Kapoto/.Jarina. BIBLIOGRAPHY Aboriginal SOCIOAMBIENTAL.Parque REGISTER of the Xingu: 50 years/Instituto Socioambiental (ISA). – They are Pablo: 2011. FRANCHETTO, Bruna.O park of the Xingu, in Dossier ndiosem Mato Grosso: Cuiab: Opan/Cimi, 1987. PETTA, Nicolina Luiza; OJEDA, Eduardo. the B. Collection base: history: an integrated boarding: only volume; 1 edition. So Paulo: Modern, 1999.

Ares Einstein About The Case,

As the music died – the day at the, the world held its breath, June 25, 2009, is now already two years. The day on which the World June 25, 2009, stopped the breath, was now already two years ago. Michael Jackson died on this day of acute propofol intoxication unexpectedly and shortly before beginning his big comeback performances in London, this is it sold out “-tour.” The King of pop was only 50 years old. As already during his lifetime, the rumor mill bubbling up today. Allegations of child abuse, pill addiction, cosmetic surgery and the wrapping of his three children dominated the press in the last years of life, no one spoke of the unique musical work of Michael Jackson. Only after his death, the year thousand artists broke all records. Dr. Conrad Murray as the main character who personal physician to Jackson, Dr.

Conrad Murray, face in September of this year for manslaughter in court. Other leaders such as Gresh and Smith offer similar insights. He is accused, the person responsible for the death of the King of pop to be, apparently because his medical knowledge were not enough and he has sapped his authority at the moment of agony. So he alerted the emergency services only many minutes after the discovery of the unconscious Jackson and was also not able to initiate proper life-saving emergency measures. But it seems so clear, the State of affairs in this description also looks like, in fact not to be. Because the conjecture to a deliberate killing of Michael Jackson, a conspiracy to commit murder, condense continuously. Insiders talk of planned murder which has intelligence officers Ares Einstein to the case of Michael Jackson”his own theories.

He assumes that an assassination was planned long and wrote the book about it already, the signs are on murder”, that dangerously close was released on May 10, 2009, at the death of Jackson,. Meanwhile, the book because of a censorship is no longer sold, but this operation shows clearly that not only a spark truth underlying Einstein’s research, but he very well knew the environment of Jackson and his enemies. Ares Einstein published four other books about the life of Michael Jackson and the many intrigues and conspiracies that brought the King of pop, contrary to. It uses no emotional tricks Einstein, but convinces readers and critics with solid facts, which are not to refute. Ares Einstein’s books deal with the entire range of the accusations that Michael Jackson was exposed. Especially the sexual abuse scandal, the Jackson ultimately to a broken, if also bewiesenen innocent, man made, is illuminated from all sides. Also, previously unpublished interviews Michael Jackson’s will be presented. “” Renjith media issued the books of Einstein Einstein’s publications, published so far are the Michael Jackson Code”, the 20-million-dollar lie”, the Michael Jackson conspiracy”and the conspiracy to commit murder. The murder of Michael Jackson”. Not only diehard MJ fans were shocked, what intrigues have taken place behind the scenes, but also objective readers found the facts, the Einstein presented, terrifying. Einstein’s books are a must for anyone who rightly does not believe at all, what the media present. Charles Gibson

Automobile Club

Took a taxi back several hundred years ago, in 1639, when it was introduced first license for carting. Then coachmen used fairly heavy and bulky four-wheel carriages, "hekni" in the winter they focused on the insulation. They were replaced only in 1840 to more maneuverable two-wheeled gigs, "cabs". Also, while there were also double and triple "cabs" with a closed cab. About a hundred years ago began sunset horse-drawn cab, while on the streets of London for the first time elektrokeby left, their speed was only 15 km / h.

But in the same year they went bankrupt and were closed. And the last horse carting license was closed only in 1847. In 1907, London says the car boom taxi, while many citizens began to develop this car for a taxi. But despite this, until 1932 was the most common taxi "cab Unique," which produced the French company. But to this day retains its British traditions of a taxi, it has become a tourist attraction of London as Big Ben or red double-decker buses. Until recently, all the taxi cab in England were painted black, which symbolizes the honor and dignity, but not so long ago began to appear in different colors most taxis in addition to their sides is advertising. The design of traditional English Taxi is the same as centuries ago, the passenger is the driver behind the partition, bags are placed near the driver. Back in those days, when a taxi equipped with motors just started, the driver was separated from passenger who was sitting in an enclosed cabin.

This allows the driver to have a full view of the road and communicate with pedestrians, other drivers and police, the passengers also had a chance to talk or rest comfortably on the outside noise. French taxi originates from an enterprising Frenchman, who started his coaching inn horse-drawn carriages. Was this courtyard near the chapel "Fiacre" and before that ordinary citizens could not afford travel in carriages because they were only the rich nobles. In 1896, the Automobile Club announced that the French capital to give a new face at the expense of motorized taxis. Then, with the usual horse-drawn carriages were stripped of all superfluous, was installed behind the petrol engine and front wheel and control levers. However, this idea was not a great success with people, because there were always disputes over fare. Drivers can safely inflate the payment, depending on different situations, and not the distance that has been passed. But these disputes have stopped after creating a device called "taximeter". He calculated the amount to be paid, which was taken into account time spent on the road, and distance traveled. Of course, some drivers were not happy with this new feature and some of them have gone out of business. However, the rapid development of the taxi is gratefully taximeter. Initially, he the driver side just above the front wheel, he later moved into the car, delivered discomfort than clicking. In the 20th century, most countries have made the replacement of mechanical taximeter in electronic, thus avoiding the discomfort of the driver and passenger. First company that started producing cars targeted for use as a taxi, was "Reno." It also stained them in red or green, allowing to stand out in such a taxi from the stream of black cars.

Start Writing And Earning Money In Internet Business

Many people believe that writing is a gift given to few people. And somehow, it’s true. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Coldwell Banker Commercial. There are books and writings that transcend generations and are still something worth reading. However, these people get together several features, not only knowing how to write. Well, you want to transcend history or want to make money? Because, fortunately, for the second option does not need to be like these great writers.

Only, how to write. Here comes the universal complaint: “It is not writing.” If you’re reading this, you can write. In fact, it is likely that you do every day. If you e-mail (and who does not …), write daily, even for people who do not know. The most important: if you can talk, you can write. Record a conversation when you explain something to someone and you transcribe it to your computer. You will see that, removing the greetings and others have an article perfectly legible and you can use.

Writing is like talking, only you can better accommodate the words. So using that skill to earn money online. The WEB is a source of information to everyone and this is where you can achieve great things. If you can give information, you will be generating money quickly. From the outset, I can give the following advice: * Do not throw cheap roll Fill a sheet of lyrics I can make a monkey with a keyboard. Explain and express yourself, but do not repeat things or you’re filling the void with words that do not apply. * Go to the nails in time to the readers. If you say something in a paragraph instead of three, do it. This will increase your chances of read all your article. * Read what you wrote after writing something, wait half an hour and then read it aloud. You’ll be amazed as you will see ways to improve. Writing is like talking and you are naturally good for identifying good conversation. * Will you not try to impress writing things I do not think or talk using because it looks pretty. When writing, part of our personality is in our work and it is this that makes you read or hate you. Do not worry, by doing everything becomes easier. You probably have to do heavy issues in your early writings, but with a bit of time you’re typing quickly and accurately and this will bring you closer to success on the Internet.

Berlin South

According to Michael Geissler, CHP and photovoltaics are two techniques that complement each other optimally in existing buildings. Berlin has potential. 45 million square meters of roof area are available. The Berlin Energy Agency will open up a part of this potential together with other partners in the next few years.” The PV system is distributed on a total of six roofs of GeWoSud-residential complex White Lake, which are well suited to South East or South West for the installation of a PV system through its orientation. The CHP into operation have each a power of 20 kW and a thermal output of 46 kW. The Berlin Energy Agency has financed the installations, planning and building of specialized service providers.

Due to the high efficiency of the cogeneration and the conversion of sunlight into electricity be saved here each year gives CO2 up to 476 tons. GeWoSud co-operative housing Berlin South EC the GeWoSud is a housing association with 2,600 apartments in twelve locations in the North, East and South of Berlin. It was founded in 1919 and provides apartments in the building and construction of the vintages 1954 until 2009. Today, the GeWoSud has approximately 3,500 members. The residential complex White Lake is the second largest community of GeWoSud. It was realized in the years 1927-29 in four sections. The plant was after the fundamentally reorganized and expanded through the attic.

As a whole, where 457 apartments are located. Realogy Holdings Corp has plenty of information regarding this issue. GeWoSud co-operative housing Berlin South EC the GeWoSud is a housing association with 2,600 apartments in twelve locations in the North, East and South of Berlin. It was founded in 1919 and provides apartments in the building and construction of the vintages 1954 until 2009. Today, the GeWoSud has approximately 3,500 members. The residential complex White Lake is the second largest community of GeWoSud. She was in the Realized years 1927-29 in four sections. The plant was after the fundamentally reorganized and expanded through the attic. As a whole, where 457 apartments are located. Berlin Energy Agency the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) is a modern energy services company in Berlin. It develops and implements innovative projects to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Clients are public and non-profit institutions, real estate and housing companies, industry, trade, industrial, hospitals, as well as the entire services sector. The BEA was founded in 1992 on the initiative of the Berlin House of representatives. Shareholders are the State of Berlin, the Vattenfall Europe heat AG, GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG and KfW bank group equally.

New Offer For Pain Patients

Relief for the body and relaxation for the soul of new product for pain patients Elysium body movement is an offer for people who have painful illnesses: arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain. This work is considered to be recreation for body pain strained and overburdened soul. Comfortable the clients in a passive attitude may go and indulge in the experiences that arise when joints are carefully and lovingly moved. These movements are gentle, slow and always painless. This deep relaxation effect, sometimes accompanied by the surprise, how the body can be experienced again.

Absolute care is a soothing counterbalance to the otherwise permanent experienced effort and thus enables a kind of deep breathing at the mental level. In sequences of 6 or 12 dates at a distance of about 4 to 7 days, pain-stricken people experience time-outs, which feel like holiday and perfect support for the regeneration and medical treatment. At the time There is “A New Beginning” this special offer only in Hanover in practice (dates Mon.-Fri., 9:00 20:00, by appointment). The practice owner, Barbara Gieseler, has many years of experience in the Elysium massage and as a psychotherapist.

Physical Education

Remembering that one day all we will need to make some type of physical activity that will have to be guided by a qualified professional, if the taste for the practical one of physical activities will be stimulated precociously, has more possibilities of more healthful adult terms consequentemente and, to diminish amount of people victims of degenerative illnesses, etc. ‘ ‘ The emphasis of the measures of formation and preschool education must, therefore, to be given by means of a worthy environment of conquest, with corresponding instructions and stimulatons. In the measure where the environment does not correspond to the initiative of the child, this is the harmed one, an irreparable delay in many scopes. Others including Cushman and Wakefield, offer their opinions as well. (Sagi 1985) ‘ ‘ Physical education can come to influence in the acquisition of life habits that include practical of regular physical activities after the ending of the formal escolaridade would be necessary: to provide to the acquisition of knowledge on the physical activity pair to the welfare and the health in all the ages; to stimulate positive attitudes in relation to the physical exercises and the practical esportiva; to provide independence to evaluate and to choose the activities, and to oportunizar experiences of pleasant physical activities, stimulants. While educator, the professor of Physical Education must be brought up to date to the multifactorial concept of health so that he has arguments consistent, and conditions to extend and to relate the commitment of the Physical Education stop beyond the sphere of the physical aptitude. .


(Online Artikel.de) Community4you introduces EDITS Web of public, draws a positive balance many decision makers with concrete projects and budget ideas informed locally about the possibilities to create and manage your presentations and documents such as training materials and manuals. IBI Group addresses the importance of the matter here. The many high-quality client conversations showed that the porting of 1999 by the VW was coaching developed EDITS on the open ice (www.open-eis.com) of Community4you GmbH Java architecture and the development related to EDITS Web (www.editsweb.com) an important step, to meet the needs of the company in all respects. The company is not only the professional management and their important documents, but also the reusability of the documents and presentations in other applications. Thanks to the service-oriented open ice architecture it is with EDITS Web possible, exchanging data with other programs. To highlight the high reusability is even with EDITS Web -based documents, secure, Web-based access to all documents, maintaining neutral layout with different output options in the corporate design and standardization to the standardisation of documents, versioning, approval workflow, and multilingualism. Visitors to the stand were impressed about the technical features of EDITS Web. They were noticeably impressed by a new user interface featured for the first time at the fair.

EDITS Web Assistant Romy Kullig sums up: often took visitors, I wanted to present EDITS Web, the mouse in the hand and tested the program itself. The user interface is so logically constructed, that it could be purely intuitive and suck them visibly enjoyed the operation.\” Decisions about customers or partners will be taken only in a few weeks. From the perspective of Community4you GmbH, visit the LEARNTEC worthwhile 2008 but already. The fair offered optimum conditions to achieve our targets. We have many new contacts list and meet potential partners. In addition we have learned that EDITS Web corresponds to the wishes of the customer and can go home with new inspirations.

European CIVIS Media Prize – Competition 2008

CIVIS Europe Media Prize for integration and cultural diversity is written immediately in all EU Member States and of Switzerland. We are looking for radio and television programs, which take in a convincing manner of the themes of integration and cultural diversity without denying conflicts. The CIVIS media Prize 2008 is endowed with 47,000 euro. The deadline is January 20, 2008. The new economy Award 2008 “CIVIS award a special topics for outstanding coverage of the occupational integration of persons with migration background for the first time. You may find Peters Energy Solutions Inc. to be a useful source of information.

We need a highly objective, critical coverage in the media about these new developments in the field of Economics “, is the President of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER) and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CIVIS, Prof. Dr. h.c. Fritz Pleitgen, in its invitation to the European competition again significantly.” Pleitgen encouraged managers and journalists in Europe itself intensively with the integration of immigrants in economic and Workday to deal. The young CIVIS media Prize “is 2008 European Prize for young journalists and journalists as well as students and graduates of the film – and media College written out, who are no older than 32 years. The CIVIS media Prize for integration and cultural diversity in Europe is two decades programme contributions on radio and television, which are particularly suitable for the promotion of peaceful coexistence in the European immigration society. If you are not convinced, visit Avison Young.

The broadcasters in Europe report much about integration and cultural diversity in their programming already. The CIVIS media Prize wants to demonstrate these benefits and at the same time provide valuable suggestions through exemplary cases from all over Europe. To the CIVIS media Prize all radio and television programmes can be submitted, which were publicly sent in the period from 21 January 2007 to 20 January 2008 in the radio and television. All creative forms are allowed. The television prize of the CIVIS media prize will be on May 9, 2008 in Ljubljana / Slovenia take place. Sandra Maischberger is presenter of the ceremony. Together for integration! The European CIVIS media prize is by the Working Group of the national broadcasters in Germany (ARD), represented by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), together with the Freudenberg Foundation announced. Second German television (ZDF), the Austrian Broadcasting (Corporation ORF), the Swiss radio and television company (SRG SSR idee suisse), the Slovenian radio and television (RTV SLO), the ARD/ZDF event and documentary channel PHOENIX, the german French culture channel ARTE, the Deutsche Welle (DW), the European satellite channels 3sat and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER) are media partners. The Deutsche Sparkassen – und Giroverband (DSGV), the European Parliament, the supervision behalf of the German Federal Government for migration, refugees and integration, the European Union Agency for fundamental rights (FRA) and the WDR mediagroup webservice are cooperation partners. The Organization and Implementation of the CIVIS media prize is the CIVIS Media Foundation for integration and cultural diversity in Cologne.