Photo-Video Courses

I remember the days when there were no cameras and concepts such as movie or video. I was drawn to photography, and why – do not know. Or rather, I was still young and not experienced, could not know that my imagination and fantasy looking for a way out that I had accumulated in and mature. I began to photograph in the school, and up to the senior class was sure that the photo – it's my future, my profession and in general – a vocation. I tried a huge number of photo and film equipment. He started with "Schoolboy" and "Feda" – a camera, and then – camera "Krasnogorsk" from 8 – 16 millimeter film. As I remember, messing around with photos and film developer was not a matter for me enjoyable. When I grew older and became an adult, "disease" after my fall progressed, and I bought a serious camera.

While the camera was not there, and nobody even guessed how much easier and more convenient to deal not film and video shooting. People such as Gensler San Francisco would likely agree. To develop the camera and what and how to shoot, it took a long time. There were no textbooks or other literature. By the "spear" had to learn basic techniques of photography. I remember very well my indignation that he could not find any specific literature on the filming, or those who somehow understood the issues in a shooting process. I do not think that buying a camera was a meaningful phenomenon, but the fact remains – I bought a camera and all my feelings and subconscious rejoiced.

Filming has filled all the gaps that I left in my every new photo. Much later I realized that making a photograph, for example, the general plan of some object, and then from the same angle – the larger part of the subject, I mentally created thereby directing a script unknown to myself a movie. I was very lucky in life, when my work noticed kinolyubitelskie experts and invited to work as an assistant operator at Lenfilm. At the studio, I almost mastered these are not simple concepts, like production of light construction and frame composition. But suddenly, as usually happens, happened in the movies crisis, and we are starting to operators, scattered on the life and television companies. And for nearly 15 years I have been working in television cameramen. When I ask what is it – the video, I still get lost and shrug. Two or three words can say. At one time I tried in vain to find educational materials on the work of a cameraman, and now, as I know, just hard to find a guide to shooting video or guide videographers. Wishing to engage in a lot of video shooting, and the purchase of the video camera and subsequent processing of video data are not in our time too much difficulty. True, it is this fact and breeds in the "Online" infinite number of defective video. However, I meet many people who sincerely want to master the complex process of video, able to think imaginatively and to look at the surroundings through the "lens" cameras. It is this desire is, I believe, one way to express themselves. As well as painting, a photograph, video is a special kind of art that requires specific knowledge and skills. My experience I am always ready to share with novice videographers. Specifically, video courses and videographers – the stuff that will help you get started.