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A player who designs well its objectives, that it knows what to do in every moment of the tournament and that it focuses its attention at will, will draw the relevant conclusions from the outcome of the tournament and will know what area to improve. Then will be hands to work. It will act rather than thinking and annoy you. -I get very nervous before playing a very important tournament. For even more analysis, hear from Estee Lauder. Please It is nervous to know that you do not control the situations in a tournament, and wanting to do it. A well trained player in this area, we can call Area number four, so do not create any rejection in anyone, knows that achieve their goals in the upcoming tournament, implies correctly perform a series of actions, so we have many possibilities to achieve them.

Therefore focuses on actions that have been identified as needed and the good result is usually what happens. -With the putt there good days although most them have lousy. With the putt is the same with other strokes. We skip our routine prior to the coup, and sometimes it is because we do not know. Much, not to say the majority of our game is unconscious, but to play good moments with the putt, for example, we need to know consciously what were the steps carried out in those moments where the kick was for us something simple and natural. We know those steps and play them today to be more competitive. Paul turned towards slate and when verified that there were no more difficulties that analyze continued speaking to his audience, now yes, was interested.

– As you have seen, all these difficulties are difficult to solve training stronger than the first three areas (technical, strategic, and physics). Simply you do not solve because the solution reaches learning a range of skills, techniques, and ideas that belong to the number four area, as we have previously called him. Paul paused for a staying looking at its auditorium. -Now will give you the same question from the beginning but this time I reformulare it in a different way: who wants to learn how to work the Area number four? All hands were raised immediately. END Tomas Pebble original author and source of the article