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The Argentine

The countries of the South, such as the case of Argentina presented that very serious protests of not to know you properly handle can cause serious problems to the Government, as currently facing President Cristina Kirchner; all this can seriously affect their political structures, operation and lead the country into a situation not suitable for Argentines and degenerate into a serious political, economic and social problem. Especially for a country that in its last decades has gone through a respectable economic crisis. The problem with field workers is very serious in the present and its repercussions are being felt in the country with a great shortage of food, as ABCNews reminds us of them. It is, agricultural employers of Argentina have decided to continue protests against the Government, which is only prepared to resume the dialogue if the men of the field lay his attitude. The Argentina agrarian Federation, the Confederacion Intercooperativa Agropecuaria, the Argentine rural confederations and the Rural Argentina society decided to continue the marketing of grains with destination to export until midnight next Sunday.

The leaders of these four patron, bringing together approximately 290,000 producers, is in the city of Rosario, in the center of the country, to decide on the continuation of the commercial strike started last Tuesday – the third performed in 82 days that lead to conflict – and which should conclude at midnight on Monday. For even more details, read what sixsixty fifthe ave says on the issue. The strike of marketing of grains still stands, but employers announced at press conference that decided to set aside its decision not to send cattle to slices of hiring to keep stocked domestic consumption. They called in addition make camping in the squares of cities to make widely heard rural claim and collect signatures to the Parliament to resume their unique attributes relating to fixing of tributes. The decision taken by the patron crowned a day of acts of agricultural producers to the side of highways in several points of the country and termination of activities in towns and cities of the interior, where shops and industries closed their doors in support of rural claim.