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Individual Skills in the Workplace

It acts on the basis of the work environment abroad. Implies an increase of knowledge, skills and abilities of the individual is based on individual skills in the workplace. Try the new information, assumptions, beliefs and feelings that cause changes in the way in which the individual develops in the world. It can be measured against external standards of behavior. Note: Prepared according to Strategies or Model of Learning Style. (As opposed to Shimmie Horn). Business practices and literature of recent coaching make a special emphasis on the learning model based on the experience of David Kolb, developed at the beginning of the 80s and argues that learning a single loop. More recently they have included the notions of learning double loop and triple loop. Learning a repetitive loop is only endless, involves helping the coach to embody a new technique through increased learning, such as the development of techniques for customer relationship more effective.

For its part, the double-loop learning occurs when the coaching is to reshape and restructure the underlying beliefs to be able to do different things, this type of learning may involve the ability to visualize a problem in another way, so that the pupil, by example, will not only improve their skills in chairing meetings, but must also consider possible alternatives to holding them. The triple loop learning is a trans-formative experience in which there is a change in the pupil’s point of view about himself, learning means a personal transformation. The coaching model of learning based on the work of Kolb and Argyris focuses on the experience that regards learning as a process lap or mounted on an activity, a look back from the critical perspective and determining what is useful to recall and used to perform another action.