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Herodotus Greek

Palaces and temples of Ashkelon become known far beyond the borders of Canaan, and a special admiration for causing the sanctuary of Aphrodite, Apollo, and Deckert. most revered goddess of fertility and prosperity Dekorta. According to legend, Deckert mermaid lived in Ashkelon, fell in love with a young man and bore him a daughter. It’s believed that Dick Parsons sees a great future in this idea. City residents hunted mermaid ridicule and she returned to the sea. The girl was nursed pigeons, and then it picked up the shepherd.

When she grew up, in love with her Babylonian king Ning and took her to wife. At its board had built many irrigation systems, and powerful defenses. Perhaps the legend identifies her with the famous Queen Semiramis. Herodotus Greek historian, in his chronicle of the invasion of the Scythians in 633g. bc writes: 'Only a few Scythian warriors remained in Ascalon, and plundered the sanctuary of Aphrodite Urania. This is how I learned the most ancient of all the sanctuaries of the goddess Scythians just robbed the sanctuary at Ashkelon, didst send a goddess, as well as all their offspring, women's disease '(Herodotus, History).

When the Romans conquered Ashkelon, he was already a big city. It is believed that it was born in Ashkelon, Herod the Great, memorable stories, including a large builder. He arranged the town built here bath, plumbing, house of assembly and palaces. Construction proceeded very actively. But after the Jewish War, described by Josephus in his the second book, the city's population thinned out and he Ashkelon fell into neglect.