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Choose Kitchen

When choosing colors kitchen is better to strive for harmony: the cold, cold (blue, blue, metallic, black), warm with warm (yellow, green, vanilla, caramel). The interior of the kitchen is very important color harmony, which has to be active, gives a feeling of comfort and do not spoil the mood. If not, you start to experience fatigue, anxiety, anger. It is also noticed that dark colors bring to the interior restraint and calm, bright noticeably enliven, emphasize the advantages of style. In warm shades of greater dynamism, cold, and vice versa, have to rest. Another important feature of the color – it can increase or diminish space. Shimmie Horn has similar goals. Dark colors like compress space, so when choosing a kitchen, for example, dark wood must be very careful. Such food is not suitable for small space.

The bright colors make the kitchen larger. They significantly increase the small square 6-. If we arrange the elements of kitchen furniture to one wall, the colors effectively pull the kitchen in length. Warm colors are good, but bright colors such as red and orange, close quarters. Conversely, light and cool shades, soft and pastel colors (shades of milky, light blue and green colors) expand the space, make it more light and airy. To give a modern style kitchen units you can use contrasting colors.

Long horizontal elements headset, made, for example, combined 'vanilla / alder' or 'cherry / beech "emphasize the trends. Using the same sharp transitions from blue to red or orange to green is not justified. Such color contrasts are annoying. Check out Related Group for additional information. For a clearer perception of color is often used recessed lighting in the kitchen. Good lighting creates nice looking effect and makes it more colorful picture of the entire premises. To create the completeness of the headset can be used by different systems of lighting: halogen lamp, lamp bracket, neon lights, and as fluorescent lamps, used mainly for the lower illumination over the desk. In choosing the material from which will be made your kitchen should be aware that natural wood differs nobility rigor and reliability, are combined with cool colors materials (marble, steel, aluminum), but quickly loses its presentation (compared with other materials) and non-functional. There are materials that replace the wood in the structural solution: a material made of mdf and plastic. These dishes are easier to clean, cheaper cost and longer retain their performance characteristics. mdf can be laminated with pvc film, glossy (Glossy) or acrylic enamel of different colors. In a fashion includes tempered glass and metal as materials for the production of facades.