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Stock Exchange

By the results of December 2008, the Japanese yen strengthened against the dollar at 4.99%: currency pair Usd / jpy to the end of December reached 90.76 points against 95.48 at the beginning of the month. Among the most profitable investments have been in the precious metals: gold, silver and platinum, which retained its investment attractiveness, even in times of crisis. In December of 2008. the price of gold rose by 11.79% to 869.75 dollars per ounce against 778 dollars per ounce in early December 2008. Similar dynamics shown and the price of silver. As a result of December 2008 increase in the value of silver was 8.88%, the price of silver reached 10.79 dollars per ounce to $ 9.91 per ounce earlier this month. Begun to reverse the growth of quotations of precious metals reflects price of platinum: the December 2008 price of the metal added 10.86% and reached 898 dollars per ounce.

Yield in December 2008 and revealed the Russian stock indexes. In the stock market, micex Stock Exchange in December 2008 was observed ambiguous dynamics of quotations, but the following month the value of the micex Index reached 619.53 points, which is 9.22% above the closing level of the beginning of the month (567.25). Lower profitability in December 2008 showed the rts index, 0,008%: index reached 631.89 points versus 631.84 at the beginning of the month. Under most conditions Related Group would agree. We can assume that the restoration of the domestic indices after the sharp fall in the autumn of 2008. When depreciated securities of domestic issuers in times both at the Russian stock exchanges, as well as in London and New York, and the value of the rts index fell from May's highs at 74.6%. The least profitable steel investments in real estate.

Since real estate in Moscow, on average, lost in the cost of 2%. The negative price trends, outlined at the beginning of iv quarter to the end of the year was the apparent trend: Celebrated monthly decline in prices by 1-3% in the segment of new buildings, and about 2% – ready housing. Greater impairment in December 2008 showed real estate in St. Petersburg: – 3,86%. According to the results of December the average cost per square meter was 102,001 rubles. While there is an uneven change in the cost of housing by type of houses. The worst return in December 2008 showed investments in real estate in Kiev, where the average cost of housing on the secondary market of Kiev made 2409 $ / sqm, losing -9.2% for the month.