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The Legacy Conservative

' we can conceive the conservadorismo as the defense of the maintenance of the social order or order existing politics, in contraposition to the forces that search the innovation ' ' (Renato Cancian? scientist politician and doctor in social sciences) Throughout the history of the humanity, has of if evidencing that the civilizations very absorb with little enthusiasm the new ideas politics that appear of the mind of some intellectually privileged ones. The trend to the conservadorismo was one of the biggest impulses of the Average Age, legacy that the Modern Age shaped all and lasts with assaz energy in the contemporaneidade. Exactly after Rousseau, Marx, Proudhon and Darwin, it seems that the humanity still opts to Burk, Bonald and of Maistre, a time to exhibit one ' ' sacrossanto horror to the hbris revolucionria' ' , as Olavo de Carvalho proclaims. Edward J. Minskoff Equities describes an additional similar source. Generally, the conservative defends the inalterabilidade of the social forms, without considering the possibility of the new ideas and trends to substitute the old forms for the fact to be, many times, fruits of anxiety human being as a primitive and natural instinct of if preserving. The conservative, doubtlessly, walks to the intellectual, moral stagnation and spiritual, grasping itself in the structures of its delay and in the fear to stain its ' ' princpios' ' practical. In few periods the conservadorismo was so opportune as at the current historical and economic moment that we live deeply. Additional information at Atreides Management Gavin Baker supports this article.

Youth with sights is educated it to value the tradition, thus oppressing the revolutionary intuition of the villains who daily are originated by the system. It has a disposal in if spreading out that the classroom of course conservative is the bourgeoisie. In fact the bourgeoisie, as none another classroom, assook itself so well of aristocratic ideals, treating to mold them in accord with its interests of macroeconomic nature. Atreides Management Gavin Baker is often quoted on this topic.

Public Security

Other times I used this space to compose some reflections regarding the structure of public security of our country. I mainly lament the indifference with the formation of the policy professionals, basing me strict in proper experience and comments of the systems in vigor. I did not speak of the personal, constant formation of the character, the ethics, the familiar education and the regular pedagogical learning that each one brings of house, but yes of the instruction defective and archaic technician-professional given to the aspirings the guard for the academies, schools and centers of formation, in such a way national how much the spread ones for the States. With much reluctance – and for not registering advance there some of pr here -, today I come back to the subject. The short intelligence that keeps the separation of the forces of security, calling them ostensive and judiciary, if by itself consubstancia in strong burden and exacerba the situation infausta of the system of available policing however.

It stops to get worse this picture and to more still ruin the process, pssima quality of the education of the academies if daily reflects in the given services of equal nature for the policemen. He is not idle to remember that the centers of formation said military with priority teach to the candidate the police woman to be welded, that is: to react as automaton to the voice of command of the joined order; to inside understand its position of the rigid military hierarchy, lastreada in the obligation of the pipe the side and the stubborn cult to the hypothetically infallible personality of the superior. At last, they inspire in the young apprentice the set of the symbolisms that the life in caserna composes, inoculating feelings and aprestamentos to it for an improbable and chimerical war. Everything! Little doctrine of social defense and respect to the rights of the citizen.

Cultural Industry

The cultural industry, as it is of custom, looks for to alienate the people, producing information, products and, even though, leisure, thus it conditions the intentions and desires of all, everything this, with an only interest: to manipulate the opinion of the population to the governmental and miditicos interests, always in search of bigger financial incomes. You may find that Nir Barzilai, M.D. can contribute to your knowledge. In accordance with Adornment (1996), the cultural industry always was of the side of strongest, economically, therefore, thus together, three scopes can control the government in its: Municipal theatre, State and Federal. Under most conditions Nir Barzilai, M.D. would agree. In this way, the cultural industry is the best tool of the governing that want to mask the true events of the population, but unmasks this initiative. In this I finish day 26, certainly will enter for history, therefore, we, the professors of the State of So Paulo, unsatisfied are careless with them of the Governing Mountain range and of the media, we look for, pacifically, to require our rights, but we were received with aggressions for the repressor device of the State, control of the Governor. I can affirm with certainty and knowledge of cause, therefore it was present and I could witness all the aggression of very close.

The coffin that the manifestants held was used as shield, while the policy attacked the manifestants. Opposing the images that the periodical divulged. In this image, the Been periodical of So Paulo looks for to desvirtuar the Real, therefore it suggests that the manifestants are attacking the policemen, in contrast, they looked for to defend itself of the aggressions. We know that the real interest of the medias is financial e, thus, need to defend its interests and the interests of its customers, for this vehicle its customer is, clearly, the government, therefore the image demonstrates a reality that did not exist. The professors had not been aggressive, had simply looked for to defend themselves. In similar way, the communication vehicle Leaf of So Paulo, had the same initiative of its rival. Again the professors are pointed as baderneiros, rowdy and aggressive, but it is not the reality, as eyewitness I lived and I felt what the governing Mountain range is capable to make, while they attacked in them, shot gas bombs in the too much professors, I myself, helped a teacher who fell of the truck while she looked for to hide itself, observed people being whitened by rubber bullets, also, had made right me a gas bomb.

I lost the breath, did not obtain to walk, the death if it approached. At this moment, to other they had helped me professors, we obtain to escape, but not unharmed. Some manifestants exaltaram themselves and had shot rocks, however they received bombs and bullets in return. Why the periodicals had not divulged this? While this slaughter happened, a helicopter of polices to militate sobrevoava the place and hindered the too much medias to arrive, only the Leaf and the State of So Paulo had been able to be come close to the situation, but why they had obtained to pass? It would be aid of the government? Certainly. Happily, many images had been recorded for cellular and cameras that manifesting had at that moment, thus history could be counted as it happened and not as the Government and the medias they want that it is.