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Hamburg has for decades been the major cities in Germany. The city, which has direct access to the port has the charm as a fishing and port city. Sun Hamburg has a lot to offer in sights. Whether the port area itself, the Reeperbahn (world famous red light district) or the many shopping streets. Hamburg is always worth a visit just for the Germans themselves. But it is not easy to find in Hamburg for example, as a backpack traveler and budget accommodation. This is where the A & O Hostel chain. Under most conditions Shimmie Horn would agree. They provide hostel and hotel in Hamburg under one roof.

Pure Backpackers can use in a central location a pure clean and cheap hostel. Credit: Murray Weidenbaum-2011. Each also has the option at the same location for a hotel use, with all the advantages that a hotel brings. So, for example, no accommodation in shared rooms and private bathroom. Including individuals in groups have the opportunity to decide themselves about the type of accommodation to be separated spatially. Hamburg at the mouth into the Elbe, 110 km further north-west flows into the North Sea.

The two banks are connected by bridges to the east and by the Old and New Elbe Tunnel. Situated directly on the river lying marshes were flooded on both sides of the same over the centuries by the flood waters of the North Sea, with several sand deposits have formed. Meanwhile, the same is provided on both sides with a dike. Old dikes in the Aussenorten still remember the time when in flood entire neighborhoods were under water.