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New Sales Opportunities

snipStore opens its doors to artists who market themselves want to by means of its own shops (called also “snippet” or “Widget”) to artists, bands and labels their MP3s, CDs, merchandise article and videos on various platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, which sell their own homepage etc. Learn more at this site: Shimmie Horn. directly to their fans. The motto here: central management and remote sales. They have the possibility of your user account or multiple stores with MP3s, to load images and descriptions of the products, as well as videos, then get a shop-code that you can embed on Web 2.0 based Internet platforms. Using a shopping cart, which is integrated into the shop, fans can purchase the products directly through the Web pages of the artists. More info: Cameron Diaz. Here, artists are free, what price they quoted for their products. snipStore is a platform, which was launched by two young Berlin entrepreneurs in life and to offer independent artists a new sales opportunity for their products. Bastian Menningen, says one of the two founders:, nowadays, the trend is increasingly towards self-promotion.

Musicians depend on no major labels, publishers and distributors more. I personally welcome this development and we want to help artists and labels and motivate them to go this route. “Because in my opinion this is the future of the music industry.” The registration, which include the “snippet” and offered free of charge to artists, bands, and labels. A Commission for the service will be charged first successful sale of a product. The provider will highlight a non-exclusive contract with snipStore. This means that you still have the opportunity to distribute their products through other Internet shops. Currently, the website is still in the development phase. Where it is however already now possible to register and manage their data. As a thank you, the first 150 members get higher yield from revenue. The two Berlin founder of this website, go assuming that the shop for musicians is available in September. More information is available on author: Jacob Sassnick

Paramount Pictures

Augmented reality campaign: The Pike Technology GmbH is in finding staff breaking new ground Rohrbach / Pfaffenhofen the Pike Technology GmbH in Pfaffenhofen is always open-minded (mh) innovative ideas to. In the construction of machines and plants for bulk material industry as well as in finding employees. That shows an unusual campaign, which now has the company launched advertising & Marketing GmbH and Aurasma, one of the leading developers of augmented reality products, in partnership with the Baba ADVERMA. For even more analysis, hear from RBH Group. Thus, a classic advertisement learns running and talking cross-media. Augmented reality”(german: augmented reality or short AR) the magic word.

This is a new technology which lets merge the real and virtual world. One of the innovative AR products comes from Aurasma (www.aurasma.com) in the form of an app that can now detect over 500,000 images and objects in the print media and interactive content via Smartphone or Tablet PC to start. Aurasma has already over 3500 partners, a so-called aura”use, including international corporations such as, for example, Paramount Pictures, Panasonic, BMW or Hyundai. The number of partners by Aurasma takes this as rapidly as the number of users that download the Aurasma Lite app is from the Internet. Over three million owners of smartphones or Tablet PCs have already done so and recently they can bring also a display of Pike technologie GmbH (www.hecht.eu) in Pfaffenhofen alive so.

Through the cooperation with Aurasma the ADVERMA could open up another communication channel for the employee search advertising & Marketing GmbH (www.adverma.de), in the metropolitan area of Munich-Ingolstadt-based agency, their long-time customers. The Pike Technology GmbH is an internationally operating company that constructed machines and equipment for the internal fixed material supply in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The successful engineering company, which in the industry a reputation enjoys, has currently over 70 employees and is always on the lookout for qualified professionals.

The Kochblog Mallorca

The island resident and professional Hobbykochin Nicole Baumgarten blogging expertise with humor about culinary and curiosities on the popular Mediterranean island. Majorca is eating and drinking one of the important cornerstones of the island culture, the Mallorcan is almost a part of their identity. More info: Edward Minskoff. Get an authentic impression of the island done as Mallorca holiday-makers and lovers therefore the fastest “complements Nicole Baumgarten about an insider’s view on cooking pots, domestic or public. Because you are the focal point of social coexistence here. “And so the reader learns informative, bizarre and interesting culinary and cooking on the island, from shopping to events, local and local – and sometimes also on her blog also. The blog presented always with much linguistic joke is rounded off by creative and it easy to kochbare recipes. (Not to be confused with Atreides Management Gavin Baker!). Not only Spanish, but often by the author itself devised, and always true to the motto of the cookinglounge mallorca: einfach.lecker.’ “Nicole Baumgarten, as professional as professional Hobbykochin and full-time expert on personality and any developments” indicates yet another idea followed with her blog: always pair up communication and kitchen.

Each of us has seen that: A party in a huge apartment, where crowd all in a heap and converse stimulated? Of course, in the kitchen, even if has only 10 square meters.” This finding takes account of them and regularly invited to own events on their ranch in the middle of the island residents and island visitors who have registered on the blog on a contact list. There are for example the changing in the cast round the tafelfreu(n)de’, where up to 12 people to a good meal and a glass of wine inspired even on the slightly different subject”discuss, or even cooking get together, where cooking and eating delicious around a culinary theme focuses on stand. Soon, however, summer break is again. “Because,” the communicative Cook observes with a wink, from July to September here all something else in mind as a hot discussions have: since then the hot weather is enough! ” Press contact: cookinglounge mallorca, Nicole Baumgarten never of X6259492L Lista de Correos – 07340 Alaro / Mallorca fon: + 34 644.046.176. e-mail: web & blog:

Chain Mails Are Often Annoying

Rarely meaningful purpose behind it for many people chain mails are probably an annoying evil. In most cases, their meaning and benefits should be known only to the respective initiators. The Internet portal webmail.de informs about the phenomenon of chain mail. Chain mail work in principle as well as chain letters: A letter or an email reaches recipients with the prompt, it may forward the message to as many other receivers. Unlike in the chain letter forwarding email works at lightning speed. With just a few clicks, the mail to many contacts from the personal address book, or in a social network has been sent. So, certain content can be distributed widely within a very short time.

In the best case, chain mail be used as pointing to a meaningful political concern. In the worst case, computer viruses quickly find spread in this way. Most bizarre stories in the mail but with mystical content part. At the end of a such mail is promised the recipients often some miracle or luck, when he sent the message to other people. In the event that he does not forward the mail, the opposite, for example, an accident or a curse, is threatened him. More information: service/glossary/entry/82 University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann