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Oxford English Dictionary

The Japanese word 'karaoke' is listed not only in the Japanese vocabulary, but also present in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was published in England, and is one of the most famous and official English dictionaries, proving that the word "Karaoke" has become well known throughout the world. Karaoke songs are a typical form of entertainment among Japanese business people. They could easily go into a bar with colleagues after work drink, and sing folk songs to the accompaniment of karaoke. Karaoke entertaining people since its invention ('s been 20 years), and rooted in Japanese society, goes far beyond just a temporary phenomenon. More information is housed here: Coldwell Banker Commercial. h. The word karaoke comes from two Japanese words: 'kara' from 'karappo', which means empty, and 'ocean' – an abbreviation of 'okesutura' or orchestra. As a rule, recorded popular karaoke songs consist of vocals and accompaniment.

It is now widely recognized that use the first karaoke started at a diner in the Japanese city of Kobe. information. For more information see this site: Shimmie Horn. The story goes that one of his speeches guitarist could not come and speak to the bar due to illness, and then the bar owner took out a prepared tape recording of the song. With such a small beginning, karaoke has spread not only throughout Japan but also worldwide, and the term 'karaoke', was adopted and added to the vocabulary of many languages. In the film, karaoke songs have moved on CD-ROMs. Fashion continued to spread in bars and restaurants, and even if people do not sing very well, he still applauded at the end of the song.