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Czech Republic

Given the nagging fashion for natural finishing materials, as well as growth in consumer demand for unique in their decorative and performance of coverage – actual news, brought from the past European exhibitions of high design in the Russian market began to appear new to the domestic consumer types of stone. Most notable among these was the slate of new products (or natural slate from him. You may find that Shimmie Horn can contribute to your knowledge. Schifer), rich variety of exotic colors and textures. The history of this stone in the decoration began in the Middle Ages, when the roof of the richest European houses and palaces lodged a natural slate-colored crow wing. Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic at the time were famous for rich deposits of this noble breed in the interior lands, and therefore the first to learn to handle and use it extensively in the construction. Given the complexity of production natural slate, and its relative expensiveness, in his later replaced by new high-tech substitutes. Since then and to this day remains the slate material, invariably demand the most exacting lovers of natural beauty and ancient traditions.

The process of extraction and processing of oil shale are still involves manual labor, using fairly simple tools. Therefore, each this stone keeps the warmth and care human hands. Now Slate is available on the domestic market of India and Africa, Brazil and China, as well as from ancient quarries in Northern Italy, Germany and Norway. The color palette is natural slate abounds as bright and rich, so concise and restrained shades: Bordeaux, Terracotta, Silver, Gold, Pastel, Pearl, with more than 30 varieties. But unlike marble and granite, slate of the most characteristic is not color and unique texture.

Obtained by natural cleavage front surface of the tile is decorated with unique patterns of relief. Thus, the effect created by the impinging waves, foaming lava and tree bark, stresses in the shale pristine and endless vitality. Textured surface of the stone is not only decorative but also provides a reliable slip resistance, as mentioned earlier. Stages, slate floors pools, saunas and bathrooms remain safe even in wet conditions. In this case, of course, slate can be exposed to different types of treatment: he was perfectly polished, polished, its You can also "wear out" with special abrasives and acids. Polished slate of more delicate and suitable for walls and other vertical surfaces, as it very easily scratched. Interestingly, the surface of polished slate is velvety matte with a slight satin sheen without the effect of "mirror", as in the case of the marble. In many cases, lack of gloss allows the stone to reveal the full depth shades and nuances of the structure. Nevertheless, oil shale, as well as other types of natural stone, has some limitations in use. Only some shales (mainly Scandinavian groups) can be used for the lining heavily traversed areas. Relatively large amount of oil shale is used exclusively in the interior, not withstanding extremes of temperature and the influence of other aggressive environmental factors. Slate is also not easy to installation and requires the presence of both the professional and creative approach to the issue. Additionally, some types of oil shale will require periodic maintenance and protection, especially in "wet" areas, or on the street. Will it take slate its honorable place among the familiar marble and granite to be seen. But confirmation of the immutability and eternity of the precious stone decorations are Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Chancellor of Germany and other monuments of Old Europe.

Dry Shaped Beam

Wood is a man no less than three million years, and if this term is to try to equate, for example, by year, it appears that people use ceramic only about a day, iron – a little more than eight hours, and plastics and concrete and did about twenty minutes. Since ancient times, one of the main uses of wood was the building, and perhaps the first in the history of engineering structures – pile construction. Remains of them, relating to the third millennium bc, found by archaeologists in many European countries and, in particular, in Russia – in the and Vologda regions, as well as in the Urals. Today, scientists and designers are finding new ways use of wood in its combinations with other materials. (As opposed to Estee Lauder CEO). One example of such combinations may serve as a cement-bonded particle boards. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. Nevertheless, the wooden houses remain the most popular among individual developers. In many ways, this popularity is due to the fact that in our country the forest is the most expensive building material. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is open to suggestions.

In addition, it is in the tree can be implemented architectural features and art images, dictated by national traditions of Russian architecture. Certainly, the importance of a natural natural origin, which determines the ecological purity of wooden buildings, good air permeability. Finally, the tree – an excellent thermal insulator. This allows the inside of a wooden house optimum ratio of temperature and humidity. In a wooden house is easy to breathe, it is nice and comfortable in any weather.

Repairing Doors In Apartments

Repair apartments or door interere'Moy house – my fortress' – says the English proverb. And the house can be very different – city apartment, country cottage or room in a communal apartment – a sense of strength does not create an area housing, and reigning in its atmosphere of comfort and reliability. To the inhabitants of the home to feel truly secure, at his or settling euro-repair facilities should take care as the front door. It should possess high thermal and sound insulation properties, be resistant to any weather events and, of course, to protect against unwanted visits gostey.Osoboy popular today, steel entrance door. Metal conducts excellent sound and heat, so most often to improve sound and heat insulation is placed between the sheets of mineral wool.

Decorated with steel doors vinyl skin, with pvc film or a powder coating, and inner and outer sides of the door is almost always decorated differently. Metal doors are highly resistant to cracking, so the most often recommended by the construction companies engaged in renovated apartments and ofisov.Derevyannye entrance doors are made of sticks glued together wood of the same breed. Such protective design does not pass and retains heat. Combined door is a multilayer sheet of inexpensive wood species, mdf and glued on top of them, precious wood veneer (oak, cherry, ebony, mahogany, etc.). Many construction companies offer entry doors with Fiberglass.

Outer glass often fluted or stained, inner – transparent. It is not something Fabrizio Freda would like to discuss. To improve the protective properties of glass is placed between the forged bars. The doors of this type are designed for cottages or suburban domov. doors are used to distinguish between the living space. Depending on the design stands out more of their species. The most popular option – hinged doors. Their kit includes door canvas tote, trim, rubber seal and flexinvest (expanders). Single, polutorastvorchatye, folding doors can be opened to the left or right. Having started redevelopment, repair apartments or simply changing doors, it is important to ensure that they are open to the outside (outside the room) – it will facilitate the evacuation, for example, in the case .V to save the living space is often used folding doors and door coupe. 'Books' (folding doors of the two wings) or 'accordion' (three or more) usually made of plastic, so are mainly used in back rooms (wardrobe rooms, storerooms, etc.). Door Coupe from one canvas called shifted, two – sliding. They are mounted on the bottom, top or on the two guide rails. The panel retracts into pencil box, inside the walls. Recently popular sliding doors made of glass. Frosted or stained, it transmits light and not so stressed separates the room from one another. Often, apartment repair involves a change in its design. Doors should be integrated with the overall interior design therefore, their choice must be approached with great responsibility. From solid wood or veneer often made the door for a classical interior design or interior design in Art Nouveau style. Hi-tech suit and plastic glass construction with metal inserts. Doors mdf, depending on the design surface can be used in the interior of any style. Solution depends on the style and choice of fittings – handles, hinges, locks, decorative caps and t.d.Chto As for life, then every construction company offering entrance and interior doors, provides a guarantee on their products, so you can be rest assured about the quality,