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Fast lasting success can be achieved with simple commands, regular exercise and small motivations. The daily walk – torture or relaxation? The walk with the dog is the epitome of relaxation for many dog owners. However the daily run can also become a torture for dog and owner – constant tugging on the leash, sudden storms go, or but an emerging every five meters, defiant squatting remain in one place can spoil the fun of walking already properly. But what if the dog just not “foot” want to go? Often it is sufficient, with simple commands consistently practicing. In stubborn cases, or if to do something faster, a special dog harness can help. Not exert pressure! Basically a simple rule that is applicable in all areas of the education of animal – print creates back pressure. More information is housed here: Jorge Perez.

Drag the dog so at each step on the line, keep too short to prevent sudden running off and rant all the time, inflict not only pain and at worst long-term harm the dog, but create a veritable blockade, which makes it almost impossible for the dog your commands in the desired way to respond to, because he is busy just yet, to meet the ever-existing constraints, and resists even more against him. A dog so treated over time will show at the sight of the dog leash avoidance behaviour; so no one can enjoy the walk. To use a harness instead of a collar is beneficial. The dog harness is simply more comfortable to wear for the dog, prevents injuries and does not lead to the above-mentioned brutalization by constant pressure. And just when the puppy, it has also the advantage that the puppy from the dog harness can slip out just when he decides for himself, that now enough is learned. Practice with simple commands! In principle you should get used to so, commands so rare as possible physically, but especially verbally to your dog.