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Mona Lisa

Oh, do not amuse Florentines! Those who grew up in the "Decameron." It is easy to pour oil into a story about us. leonardo. Gossip? mona lisa. Yes, but my husband just laughs. He knows you, me, and right, of course. He says, I've become like You, both husband and wife characteristics are similar, Living with each other in the world for many years.

You leave tomorrow? leonardo. No, now. mona lisa (smiling). And I'll leave soon, while, at as much as you say, too. leonardo. Yes, for three months, until the autumn.

mona lisa. I begged her husband to take me with him to Calabria, where he goes, is known for. leonardo. You persuaded? mona lisa. So as not to miss in Florence without you and without your work on the portrait, in what I take part too, well, moderately modest forces my course. If you would like to know more about Jacobs Dallas, then click here. leonardo. Yes to you-all and force the Mona Lisa! A landscape for you – the whole world! And you, as the entire universe and character. mona lisa. You never end portrait when your vision is such that everyone is growing – up to a symbol of the universe. (Rising to his feet.) Not enough of my years, and your strength. leonardo. And do not you come here? mona lisa. But, maybe, three months later, I'll be really different, not toyu that there staring at us, we are alive. Anyone used one of us would not want to admit, Equally big loss to us all at risk. Since Leonardo is slow, she stretches out her hand, and he silently kissed her hand, she bent over, his lips As his hair. Bon voyage! leonardo. Farewell, Liza! Erect, Leonardo finds himself in the yard, where there are no chairs, no carpet, no portrait of the Mona Lisa. Lan fearfully runs away into the bushes. Includes one of the students. Student. You came back, teacher! leonardo. You're not happy. Student. For assistance, try visiting Atreides Management. I am a happy, yes you grief. leonardo. I grief? What? Student. Thought so. Does not know. No Mona Lisa. leonardo. How not? Student. She died somewhere en route. leonardo. "No, no, she's here. Pupil quickly render a chair and seats Leonardo, then makes the stands with a portrait, removes linen veil, and the Mona Lisa looks at him with a smile eaten in secret caresses, and her yard landscape extends to the boundless expanses of space and time. Portrait after the sudden death of his wife was supposed to pick up my husband, because the order could create and place him in the royal treasury. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was glorified as Dante's Beatrice or Petrarch Laura, for her confidence in him and to painting, for her patience, which stood out love, and unspoken them, it's the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile, if anything, the mystery of the sacred feminine.