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Jaime Laz

Jaime Laz signed and went to the door in search of freedom but the deep voice softened after obtaining the signature – Why, Laz? asked, – You were one of the best, most qualified, "he continued security to find an answer – Come on, Laz, has made the portal is visited by an interesting market segment for the company, people prepared, educated, her classroom was one of the most frequented and maintained a general conversation really satisfactory level for visitors, received congratulations on the typology of the guests. It was a good job, why, Laz, why? – Were asked in conclusion. Friend … is not it illegal Laz muttered opening the door to leave the controls and glass building, to catch a taxi on a nondescript street in Brussels that he stay away from there and came near the airport where a plane took him to Barcelona and Celia. Jaime Laz had spent day after day, for eighteen months, talking with strangers and within hours would face the worst conversation of his life, Celia contacted by email to make an appointment at a cafe on the Paseo de Gracia, was the last thing he did in a computer, it read the message, plain and simple, only one I hope to confirm the meeting, his mind began to cram lines written in a similar bright white screen to the heavens that crossed the plane and a sleep-like fatigue took hold of him until you hear a message informing a flight attendant's arrival at its destination.