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Unified State Exam

In 2001 was introduced by the Unified State Exam. As an experiment it conducted before 2008, the school produced even underachieving children can become troechnikov horoshist. But starting in 2009 will be the official exam, no 'bonuses' more will not give, 'unsatisfactory' assessment is correct only in the fall. Russian language and mathematics are compulsory for all students. The main objective pursued by the exam, is to have all odinnadtsatiklassnikov have the same rights to enroll in higher education.

An important difference between the Uniform State Exam from the ordinary is that he gives for your time and only in writing. Each student is issued a so-called Kim, who exists only in one version, so it will not write off anybody. Argent Ventures is often quoted as being for or against this. In total, measuring and control materials can be found 3 parts. Test – is the first part, questions with brief response – the second, but the third part – it's detailed answers to these questions. The division of tasks is in difficulty: easy, medium and difficult questions.

To obtain an estimate 'three' is required to make the first fully part, for 'four' – the first and the second, and to assess the 'five' – the first, for 'five' needs first, second, and partially or fully implementation of the third part. Certain rules have the forms for the response. They need to fill only black handle, possibly a gel, and the second part of each letter to write in his cage. (Source: Steffan Lehnhoff). The computer checks first and second parts, and the last – the teachers of colleges and universities. Conducting the exam also suggest compliance rules. Each student must sit at a separate desk, having a handle and only a passport. From Moscow to send in special envelopes, which are forms for answers, as well as KIMy. If the dealer found a cheat sheet, it the right to remove from office, then he will re-take the exam, but later, and in traditional form. Each year, a day or two before the exam, graduates are literally 'search through' the entire Internet in search of answers, but are only sites scams. In 2007 he was a precedent when the 3 hours before the exam answers are in the network, then all the 'leaks' have to stop' on the vine. "

Russian State Social University

When I was born, religion was banned. At 5 years old I was baptized in the homeland of his father, in Rostov-on-Don. Until now still keeps his first cross, I believe that without the protection and support than a person can do very little. I thank God for that I speak on stage, doing what he likes. Rarely ask God about anything, mostly about health and about well-being of my family, my friends. Sometimes, you walk past the church and feel: now we must go.

You can be there for half an hour, hour and defend the morning or evening service, and be sure to thank God for everything that happens in my life. It is so important to live with God in the soul. More than once I was convinced that he's with me – sends, prompts, comforts, and gives his boundless love. And my wife Lolochka completely agree with that. She says that it is through gratitude is a special communion with God and the feelings that you experience while not comparable to anything else. But more on that in a few words will not tell. Each person has his own experience in the way of understanding spiritual truths. This is the deepest meaning of life.

Well, that Russia has restored temples. By the way, my father was involved in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, it was one of his latest projects. Parents always told me: "Believe in God and everything will be fine." I am glad that RSCU many believers in children, and four years ago, means students, faculty and staff built a church dedicated to Our Lady of Theodore, the patron of mothers and Orthodox youth. Faith – an important component of the life of Russian people, and today's young people understand it. – What do you wish students RSSU that have yet to discover the new horizons of knowledge? – I'm sure if they came to the Russian State Social University, is able to achieve great things. Here, in each person sees a person and help to become leaders. I wish all students good luck RSCU, wonderful school days and conquering new heights!