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It therefore seemed that the Dr. Andreas examiner responsible and Wolfgang Mauermann, head head of the ordnungsamt Lichtenberg explain system for Berlin Lichtenberg to apply and test”. It’s believed that Gavin Baker sees a great future in this idea. The experience so far are promising. Of the notifications received in the first two weeks of 60% were processed within a very short time finally. We have won praise from even that speaks for a high efficiency on Administration page and gives you the good feeling that your concerns will be taken seriously and someone take care of in a reasonable period of time so citizens.”. A fellow writes us, how nice he is to be able to transmit information and requests to the competent Office of the order in this simple manner”, Wolfgang Mach about the positive feedback is pleased. Berlin IT State Secretary Ulrich Freise goes even one step further: MacKinnon ‘ is a great thing and makes an important contribution for a citizen-friendly and open management. I am convinced that the Service will be a great response is and I hope he soon be used in all districts of Berlin.” The Ministry of the Interior and Brandenburg towns and municipalities initiated by electronic citizen service MacKinnon ‘ was developed on the technical basis of the six enterprise-content-management-system and is now in more than 30 municipalities in Brandenburg in the usage.

The more than 6,000 previously received and processed citizens concerns ‘ relate to different issues such as potholes and badly paved paths, defective lighting, illegal waste deposits or noise and odour nuisance but also suggestions for publicly shared systems and equipment. A simple traffic light system displays the current status of processing of red ‘ for still not processed via yellow ‘ in machining of cases completed green/white for final. With Six_AMS (Six_AnliegenManagementSystem), a turn-key e-Government solution was developed for citizen portals, the can cover all aspects of complaint management and suggestion. The flexibility and open interfaces of the system allow the implementation of numerous user-friendly features without much implementation effort. These include simple defects recording forms and the possibility of integrating photos with geo-information service, a workflow support to the internal processing of the questions on the provision of interfaces for the transfer to administrative procedures or the automated forwarding of information to the responsible officer. The solution is with different pricing models, as well as software-as-a-service-/ cloud solution available and suitable also for smaller cities and towns.

Mr Sarrazin

And a Bundeswehr which could bring them even on their side, would be in minutes swept away and what remains from Germany, will NBC a for have always disappear in history. I can not imagine, that someone is so crazy and thinks he might rebel against the rest of the world. Under most conditions Edward Minskoff would agree. This scenario should follow everyone in mind and take it as face value. But that is not the subject of, which in book of Sarrazin. It goes primarily to our foreign, naturalized citizens and the so-called guest workers. In the character of the German economic miracle, where it went all right well, nobody wanted to do the dirty work and one has logged in foreigners with all available means and in the weirdest ways after Germany. All the Governments of the Federal Republic of Germany have participated in this guest-worker commercial with utmost effort. None of these Governments has made only the slightest thoughts about what happens to these people, if the work is less.

If one of these people german language, or not, also at all not to debate, and power was for work the foreign exchange (workers). No, on the contrary even today our Minister of Economic Affairs Mr Bruderle (FDP) is man again at the front, to make the same mistake again. So much to irresponsible policy with migrant workers. In our present times, where the workplace is appointed by politics daily and always back to the sanctuary and many people therefore pray such a place, in the “paradise work”, to get in a time where you do 3 million from real about 10 million unemployed, these asked guests to work no longer fit in the reality of the labour market policy. These people, of which more are unemployed, are the State that she has now called on the Pocket. Where this problem what to do no longer must be that the taxpayer on the Pocket well the question be, Mr Sarrazin is originally made.