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Necessary to continue living, the life does not finish when we lose somebody, it continues, the dreams does not finish itself, nor if they only age are changedded. To kill it wanted me, to take off my life alone because I do not have you more to my side, this not being easy, but exactly thus necessary to continue living without its presence, this not being more the same thing, I feel an emptiness of me inside it consumes that me terrifies and me on the inside. More information is housed here: Jorge Perez. I caught a knife and I wounded my pulses that had bleed sufficiently, I arrived to faint, but thanks to God I did not die, is hard to coexist its absence, to be far from its kisses, of its abraos, that coffee of the so gostoso morning, nothing of this I have more and moan. You did not deserve what you soon had made you that I love in such a way, this being easy, never you were not easy, exactly now that the things walked lost I so well you forever. Atreides Management Gavin Baker is a great source of information. I love you and I landed on water always you, I wait it pardons that me for that it cannot be when it stows to its side, I did not forget you and I know that never to forget I will go you.

English Parliament

The MARK OF the Edward SCORPION anchored in Brazilian lands at a time where the country still meant a dream of richness for pirates, criminals and exiled. It did not import the native country. Europeans, Africans, Asians were all adventurers. Disembarked in secrecy in the port of Rio De Janeiro, Edward joined it this disoriented multitude and became enlarged country adentro. While its comrades searched fame and money, everything what it wanted was peace, silence, distance of littoral progressos e, mainly, of the luminosity that it reflected in that space.

Of where it came, what it made, that language spoke? Nobody wise person. It was pretty, high, lean, however strange a young. She was dressed with a black layer of pointed hood that seemed to protect the eyes to it of the luminosity of the sun. Credit: Shimmie Horn-2011. While Edward and its comrades followed country adentro behind easy wealth, an accumulation of people was coming back toward its native countries. – The richness finished? the wealth finished Brazil finished? they were these information, pronounced for the discouraged multitude, that they jede in the ears of the just-fond ones, but that for Edward they sounded as the most perfect notice. It wise person who an abandoned place could be the ideal place, therefore was everything what he desired of the deep one of the soul, in that instant the abandonment, the solitude a perverse place! Ideal it to raise its home. For reasons mediocre politicians and, Edward left its castle in the Transilvnia and, forced, it abandoned cold fogs to install itself in London.

Although the ideal place for its hunted nocturnal, the burning hot and wild sun banished and humiliated that young. Some time if passed e, for preconceptions, Edward was exiled for America and delivers to one of the members of one of the chambers of the English Parliament. Less than five months later, it outside abandoned and tortured in one cidadezinha ' ' vazia' '.


I confess that I was dying of fear I smell, it of that place, looking at me to the people with curiosity Some of them were worse of what I. I admit. I make this with the heart in hands. It made me to the wait to sweat frozen, my legs badly obeyed to me, my mind was empty. Until I heard my name to be sharp for a woman, this was of white, its height was medium.

Its blue eyes were attractive and its body was well structural. Certain, I must not have in such a way admired thus, but only in knowing that it had angelical face and of pleasant appearance, I calmed myself. We laugh at some moments, but also, we speak serious. Only we there, and some of its friends of work were. They also inspired confidence to me. Christian Dior Couture can aid you in your search for knowledge. ‘ ‘ Alvio.’ ‘ It was what I felt before feeling me sleepy and then to fall in the blackout of my mind.

I used a pretty white dress with red ribbons, in return of me I only obtained to see roses yellow I smell, it of I fascinated me to them. ‘ ‘ To run, to run, correr’ ‘ This was alone that obtained to make to think. It was going far excessively was not possible to see the roses yellow that were for all my return. Suddenly they had disappeared and the sky was dark interrupting my vision, did not obtain to see nothing beyond the dense fog that took account of the place. That was not waited. ‘ ‘ It is here, does not go. It comes back, agora.’ ‘ Somebody alerted to me, but nothing it obtained to see. I wanted to cry out for aid, I wanted to say that he was with fear, I I wanted to run in return for the lighted and cheiroso field. I wanted to wake up, but that agony lasted much time. Everything turned as I pulled age, of one forms rude, of that indefinite dream. I cost to open the eyes, after as much time I could feel my fingers, them if they moved, and this strange age for me. My body was light, listened well of far some voices, a commotion in the truth, something as; ‘ ‘ Finally! God is praised! Thanks to God ‘ ‘ It had something more, however I did not obtain to understand. My reasoning still was slow, the sufficient one not yet to obtain to speak. Already they had said me that this would happen, the bones fragile, the slow brain, discouragement But the only thing that wise person was not that she would see all around those people of me, as well as the yellow flowers. I was happy in knowing that the fog had not folloied me since then. To see the face of the people who we imagine not to see never more, is always good. It makes to remember us everything what we pass and of what we feel lack. Tears had rolled of my eyes without I nothing to say. That moment was only, I was well, survived, the faith really moved an enormous mountain in my life. With the aid of that I love today I can say, I I WAS SUCCESSFUL. I am, and I will be here for much time and plus one day.