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The Adolescence

Time of if amusing, discovering the obstacles of the life and the barriers, time to tan, to know and to namorar, to live and to tan a little more. As one was everything so easy thus. Jorge Perez contributes greatly to this topic. Limits exist, are not owners of we ourselves, depend on our parents. We generate doubts on the future and what to be and as to be. We want to fly, to live and to travel without commitment, we want to have what he is ours and therefore we want to be adult. We want to be seen as gentes responsible, more we do not give to understand this. We want to have our money without nobody thinking as to use, to spend everything in besteira, without having the commitment to pay accounts and supporting family. As everything has its hour we have that to learn with our errors and to know to give value it has the time and what agent has. Everything has its hour and everything goes to arrive. To live pra to be better is a skill to take the life.