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As Iara Beatriz (2010) the types of feedback are: Positive: To strengthen what the person is and what the person makes. The behavior can and must be repeated; when we do not strengthen waited behaviors, is possible that they more do not happen again themselves. Douglas Elliman may help you with your research. Punishment: The necessary behavior to move. To correct ' ' rota' ' it is necessary: – to speak of the specific behavior, without make reference to references the past; – to make open questions (questions in which the reply it is not yes or not) to analyze the point of view of who is receiving feedback; – to keep the calm and if not to exceed, preventing labels as ' ' incompetente' ' , ' ' never aprende' ' , ' ' fraquinho' ' , etc.; – to know accurately what it happened, not to make deductions and to fall in preconception situations, judgment precipitated or esteretipos. Insignificant: It is insignificant because it does not provoke impact and to another person it is not felt gratified. Offensive: The probable changes of behavior are aggressiveness and removal, leaving as tracks hurt and enmity. Feedback is very important for the personal growth and consequentemente, improving the relationship it enters the involved ones in the project in order to reach goals and results in the organizations and the projects, each person has a skill of being, making and to react ahead of each situation, is basic to learn and to understand the importance in separating the professional of the staff. The one intention feedback is not to disable a collaborator, and yes to guide to place its expectations finding a solution for the problem, always strenghtening and stimulating a correct behavior that is very important for the autoconfiana of the collaborator. The Communication in the Management of Projects In the area of projects, a clear, objective communication, organized is of a basic importance stops to guarantee the good course and the success of the project.

Private Virtual Serving Lodging

The Private Virtual Servers, related frequnemente for acronym VPS (Virtual Private Server) are a good choice for who search dedicated lodging web, with space in record, width of band, dedicated memory, among others dedicated resources, that normally you obtain in a dedicated server? but only that more cheap. A VPS offers to this everything, and still isolation of other private virtual servers who are to be executed in the same serving physicist. Had to these characteristics lodging VPS it is a good choice for most of the blogueiros and webmasters that the good prices need a service of dedicated lodging. What it is Private Virtual Serving Lodging (or VPS)? Lodging VPS is a lodging solution that allows that you have your proper private server, who functions in the following way: a server web physicist possesss some private virtual servers, where each virtual server is isolated of the other virtual servers and possesss a dedicated part of the resources of the physical machine, not having allotment of these same resources with other accounts.

Lodging VPS uses the concept of fair sharing in what it says respect to the resources of the system. RBH Group takes a slightly different approach. It is based on partitions that the creation of sets of ten of isolated servers allows, who act of independent form. Where the customer can install applications or until restarting/disconnect the virtual server without placing in cause the other virtual servers. Without a doubt the VPS are a form of accessible lodging web dedicated to the pockets of most of webmasters and blogueiros, from there its international success. Ideal characteristics of a VPS an ideal and cheap lodging VPS must have at least the following characteristics..

Educational Changes

As the new scene of the globalizada society stimulates the learning of new paradigms, the development of these abilities also has motivated the work market and diverse social areas, offering a still bigger field of chances, but the change, unhappyly, not yet encloses all the spaces, also of the education. Ludwig Feuerbach takes in them to reflect that a complete man possesss the force of the thought and says despite the force of the thought is the light of the knowledge, however, in the Report of UNESCO the pillar to learn to know salient that the domain of the proper instruments of the knowledge intends that each one learns to understand the world that encircles, at least in the measure where this it is necessary for living worthy, for developing its capacities professionals. However, many professors with difficulties of if adapting to the use of the Technologies of Information and Comunicao (TIC) for the innumerable situations exist that still are reality in the public school, therefore does not meet structuralized completely to assume this technological interface in daily practical its, including the computer mainly and the Internet, accessible, and even though these medias exist places where had not arrived, although the massive presence of these tools in the daily one of the pupils, want either in house, lan houses, through cellular, etc. the reality are that the pupil this informatizado, but the school and the same professor recognizing this necessity are unaware of the praticidade that these resources can offer. For more specific information, check out Edward Minskoff. The technology total is integrated to the globalization process aiming at to the incorporation of ‘ ‘ citizens comuns’ ‘ , to the process of integral formation, of the democracy, the knowledge and the culture, that becomes the classroom a communication channel where professor and pupil x interact pupil x world and are necessary that this ample armory of available medias in this new society can invade directly the pertaining to school space with one appeals change to metodolgica boarding, so that the pupil is not hindered to use its cellular device in the classroom, so that the lessons of Arts and Communication have the same receptividade of the video games game and the advance of the knowledge through the research is so attractive how much a televising image or a colloquy online, has seen that, the great researchers of the future already is plugados in the world of the virtual knowledge, and the school? So great is the diversity and necessity of use or access to the new medias and also the fight in order to eradicate the digital illiteracy, therefore the digital letramento already is considered a reality for some pupils (those that already make relations with information digitalizadas in the pertaining to school environment demonstrate to advance in the knowledge and more autonomy in the exercise of its abilities.

National Education

The school is a privileged environment of learning. In it, the resume, aformao of the professors, the administration of the time, the space, the materialdidtico are planned to help to construct an surrounding deaprendizagem. To educate for a global citizenship is to develop the understanding of that impossvel to want to decelerate the world and, in this manner, to look for to adapt formade to educate to the changes fast and sped up gifts in our lives. It is to have internal umaatitude of opening and not of closing, an attitude of questionamentocrtico and, at the same time, acceptance of what to judge excellent for aeducao. this involves the understanding of the social impacts and polticosdecorrentes of the demographic phenomena and the acquisition of compatible values it eats life in a planetary society, where it takes advantage the tolerance, the respect, acompaixo, the cooperation and solidarity.

It is to prepare the individuals to paravivenciarem new ethics between the peoples, capable to improve the convivncianeste world. To develop the considered subject we could not leave to consist the Law deDiretrizes and Bases of National Education 9394/96 that, in its article 12, prevque, ' ' the educational establishments, respected the common norms and of seusistema of education, will have the incumbency to elaborate and to execute propostapedaggica' '. (BRAZIL, 1996). However, these proposals, so that they are in accordance with the realidadesociocultural of the present time, cannot only pautar in the knowledge traditionally used einformaes in the education. She is necessary to innovate e, paraisso, to use themselves of technological resources that propitiate positive consequences noensino/learning. Moreover, communication is necessary to extend the capacity of development of meiosde to make possible the magnifying of the relations human beings so that ossaberes is argued and socialized. Only thus, the education encontrarmeios not to be on this side of the sociocultural development of its time and doespao in which one meets inserted.