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Save Fuel

Check for clogged air filter it a couple of minutes: remove it and lift up to the light – if light does not pass, the filter should be replaced. In order to save should be used for engine motor oils with low viscosity based on synthetic or semi-synthetics. These oils reduce fuel consumption compared to conventional mineral oils with higher viscosity of up to 6%. The next thing is to check – the pressure in the tires. Nedokachannye bus – This after a dirty filter is the most common factor that directly affects the fuel consumption and which is often ignored by drivers. Check the pressure should be in cold tires (to driving), since the motion load passengers that is almost invisible.

Fuel consumption also decline slightly. To conserve fuel needed to drive slower. As an experiment, try to ride a couple of days, not exceeding a certain speed. Perhaps the first time you feel like "turtle", but immediately notice how much less likely to have to stop off for refueling. Saving a constant speed to minimize the load on the nodes of the car, and hence reduces fuel. At rush hour cars must then abruptly start, then abruptly slow down, while trucks travel safely without any sudden movements, crawling on his right side (as in Moscow and on the left too). Riding the wake of the chain some trucker will reduce fuel consumption, although this advice to health rather can be considered sabotage. Fifth Council of fuel economy – to use the accelerator pedal gently. Atreides Management Gavin Baker often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Heated Seats In Your Car

What is the car alarm? After all cars insured, on the steering wheel lock, and the manufacturer took care of it, and generally where the car is not put in vain, and if they want, it is still theft. But for many signaling reduces the likelihood of theft of your car. So what, you say, our neighbors to the 15th floor is still hijacked, despite the alarm. And to put it unprofitable … But it depends where to put. Here, for example, "Studio of security systems," offers the highest quality. The company is on the market for many years and has at its disposal vysokokvalifitsirovannyx professionals and first-class equipment in the field of technical means and security is installing alarm systems and after-sales training car. "The studio security system" will solve all your problems related to the integrated safety and security of the car, both Russian and foreign production.

The company is pleased to provide our clients the following services: car alarm system for Toyota, auto sound, mechanical means of protection, parking sensors, heated seats, tinted glass top films leading manufacturers, insulation vehicle mounting various accessories, glasses and book lights, exit qualified for operational solutions to your problems, repairs, warranty and warranty service. As can be seen, services firms have the highest quality, moreover, the company has extensive experience and knowledge in this area. You need only choose the time to visit it. Written with the assistance of: Car offers: car alarm system, warranty and after sales service. When you contact our service center we will make free choice for your car alarm, More on, help to pick up a security system for sports cars at affordable.