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Doves Release

Release the pigeons. In recent years, Russia has taken root in tradition – the couple released from cells to the will of a pair of white doves, symbolizing a sincerity and purity of their relationship. The story of this wedding ceremony rooted goes to Italy, that is where the bride let out a wedding day a flock of doves from a cage, in a sign that the girl leaves the ancestral home and begins a completely independent life. We have this tradition has undergone some changes, In particular, the newlyweds are now releasing doves together, and watching their flight, trying to see the prophecies concerning their future life together. Interpretation of pigeons taking off approximately as follows: if the pigeons together fluttered and flew alongside – the life of a young family will be united and happy, if the higher up the dove – hence, my husband will be the head of the family (or the first born boy! ") and, accordingly, if raised above the dove – that all vice versa. Some particularly ingenious newlyweds even tied a blue and pink ribbons to the pigeons to make it easier to discern who is who. But it also says that if a dove flew away, and the second left – hence, the marriage young to be fragile. But if we reject all superstition in the direction of pragmatism, release of doves at the wedding is also a very romantic, beautiful and sweet ceremony.

It is this time trying to catch wedding photographers and videographers, so young gives this advice: do not try to immediately release a dove, hold it in your hands, just do not compress much (remember, the bird is very fragile), give photographers a few minutes to find the optimal perspective and make some shots. Couples who want to release doves at a wedding are often asked such questions as: What happens to the doves after graduation? – After the release of pigeons coming home. And pigeons are not "spoil" Our wedding dresses? – This can not worry about a few hours before the alleged "departure" of pigeons are not fed to hungry birds at once returned to the nest and, in fact, it was not "accidents" when release birds. – Where can release the pigeons? To do this, there is some strictly reserved seats? When is the best release of doves? Releasing pigeons can be anywhere, but still, a traditional place in Moscow was the Gora. Some newlyweds release doves after registrar.

Also produce them on-site registrations, and even in restaurants, if it is included in the script. How much will it cost so much pleasure in Moscow? In Moscow, the launch of pigeons will cost the newlyweds in 1000-3000 rubles. Price is largely determined by the date of the wedding. If your wedding falls on the wedding boom, you should be prepared for the fact that the birds much more expensive. ps! Dear Newlyweds, remember that it is better to take pigeons at wedding salons, and not in bird markets. Wedding Doves are trained, after graduation, they return to their nest, and they do not have to die of starvation in the streets.