Tax On Industrialized Products

If this not to still happen in 2009, the country most wronged will be Brazil, a time that is exported to there approximately 30% of products that are consumed by the American market. Meanwhile, thousands of people are losing its jobs in the whole world. Only in U.S.A., in May 300 a thousand workers had been dismissed for companies as IBM, Texas Instruments, Pfizer, GM, Sprint, Home Depot, Caterpillar, According to official calculations, in the May end already had 9,7 million unemployeds in the country. the economic specialists already are foreseeing indices of unemployment of the 9% order 10% in this year. Also in Japan, Sony-Ericson announced the resignation of 15 a thousand people and Toyota, giant industry in the area of automobiles, others five a thousand resignations, beyond other important companies of the world whom they are firing. In relation to Brazil, the crisis that came reaching the Stock exchange of So Paulo, with its accented fall, showed enormous recovery with the injection of billions of dollar of foreign investment, also with the fall of the dollar front to the Real, and the retraction of purchases of automobiles that existed before was retaken with the suspension on the part of president Lula until September of the collection of the Tax On Industrialized Products, the reduction of tax for the same household-electric of the call white line as refrigerators, stoves, machine to wash clothes and tanquinho. For president Lula, however, the country has exchange reserves enough to face the problem, even so the minister of the economy, Guido Mantega and of the Central banking, Fernando Meireles says that the Brazilian GIP goes to shrink and the crisis still it goes to remain for a long period, also afetendo the exportations However, many investments still will be made in the American economy for the current president of U.S.A., Barack Obama, that beyond having nominated a team of competent government, mainly many known names that had worked in the government of Bill Clinton, already took diverse measured politics as the closing of Guantanamo, where terrorist presumptions of the Al Quaeda and the Islamic group rebellious Talib are withheld; it aurorizou that entities pro-abortion received mounts of money from the federal government; it sent its representative diplomatist to the Middle East, in the attempt to search a peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians: it revoked decisions of the government Bush on half-environment, under the necessity of if fighting the ambient pollution; it granted an interview to an Sender of Arab Television, affirming not to be enemy of the Muslim people; it received in the White House the first-minister from Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu and also it received the president from the Palestinian authority Mamoud Abbas; it travelled for Egypt to make a speech in the University of the Cairo and to say that U.S.A. .