Thomas Schneider

The rate is on injuries or fractures of the ankle joint snowboarders even almost 4 times higher than in the Alpine skiers. Every winter, the snowboarders pull back into the mountains. In rapid descents and adventurous leaps, the mostly male snowboarders of gravity seem to defy. But the fun snowboarding has its price: the rate of injury among snowboarders is almost 2.5 times as high as among Alpine skiers, as shown by comparative studies on ski and snowboard accidents. The rate is on injuries or fractures of the ankle joint snowboarders even almost 4 times higher than in the Alpine skiers. Snowboard beginners have more injuries on the arms, shoulders and wrists: these injuries typically occur in crashes. Check out Novela for additional information. The orthopedist is primarily injuries to ankle joints with experienced snowboarders.

This shift in the pattern of injury is in conjunction with the proliferation of so-called “softboots” under the snowboarders. Ankle joint-protective “Hardboots” are similar to ski boots — rigid, solid shoes, which allow a good transmission on the snowboard. To protect the sensitive ankle, thanks to its rigid form. The soft, elastic, soft boots have a higher wear and comfort: you therefore increasingly assert themselves. Currently, the majority of the selling snowboard boots are soft boots.

But, this comfort is bought by an increased risk of injury to the ankle. Very high forces occur for the snowboarders ankle in jumps and landings: in the foot is often pressed with enormous forces against the Shin. For snowboarders, the orthopedist therefore often sees injuries of the ankle. These injury patterns are often only recognized by specialized doctors. The therapy depends on the violation occurred. One of the most common injuries is the demolition of a bone tab on the outer ankle bone. This violation can range depending on the size of the demolition in the lower ankle. Only after thorough investigation with magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, he can Orthopedic surgeon determine the appropriate treatment. There is often a restraining already sufficient to cure. For certain injuries, but must be an operation. Sometimes, the damage is so strong that a full recovery of the ankle joint is not possible by surgery. These ankle injuries but are overlooked and left untreated, can develop an osteoarthritis of the ankle. The specialized orthopedic surgeon finds joint surface breaks here often as the cause of arthritis. A bump in the joint surface remains after a not professionally supervised recovery, the joint of the athlete can wear prematurely. These violations occur both recreational and elite athletes. Hardboots although better than soft boots protect the ankle. By the fixation of the ankle joint, Hardboot snowboarding violate it more often on the knee. Jumps on the snowboard should be performed only in accordance with its own borders. Who can not let the competition, should at least landings on avoid flat floor: landings on a slope is far less pressure on the upper ankle because the foot is more stretched. More info for orthopedic treatment on the ankle by Dr. med.