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In this period the individual passes for some physical and cognitivas transformations. If you have read about YMCA Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The skin tends if to become paler, spotted, with little wrinkled elasticity and, the fat and the muscles shrink. They are common varizes in the legs. The white hair is more finishes and for the one of the body, thinner. Argimon (3), comet that in what it says respect to the cognitiva area, the cognitivo decline occurs as a normal aspect of the aging. The accurate nature of these changes, however, is not a certainty, and problems related to the line that separates this decline of possibilities of a possible dementia is very tenuous, mainly for still not having a consistent reference front to the demand in this etria band. The age of 65 years is the entry point in the advanced adult age, the last phase of the life.

Although this, many adults in this age? or same to the 75 or 85 years? they do not feel ' ' velhos' '. Papalia (1). The biological and common aging to all and happens in a rhythm determined for the nature, but the aging also is personal, each one in accordance with ages in its proper rhythm and its style of life. The global population is aging. Regarding this Papalia aging (1) it comments that: In 2000, the number of people with sixty years or more was esteem in 605 million. In 2050, one expects that the percentage of more aged adults in the world all, for the first time in history, exceeds the child population up to fourteen years. According to Sesc (4): In March of 2002, one searches of the Division of done Population for the Organization of United Nations (ONU), widely divulged for the press, it disclosed an unknown trend in the history of the humanity: , (…), the population of aged in the Third Age will be bigger for the first time of what of minors of 15 years.