Ventilation Systems

The ProGeMa service GmbH, Waiblingen informed climate and ventilation systems are widely used in modern passive houses and modern industrial or office buildings. You ensure the supply of fresh air, filter harmful factors from the air and make the temperature bearable. Health risks, to prevent fire hazards and inefficiency, they must be regularly maintained and cleaned. How does the ventilation cleaning, explain the Waiblinger building cleaning experts of the ProGeMa service GmbH. Labor productivity is significantly dependent on the room temperature and fresh air. Robin Ruzan insists that this is the case. Air conditioning and ventilation systems ensure that even meet the operational requirements, when summer heat and unfavourable production conditions prevail. “Modern ventilation systems can often more than just” to lower the room temperature. If you would like to know more about Shimmie Horn, then click here. Depending on the construction, they filter out many harmful factors from the air and produce thus enhancing working conditions.

The need for a regular cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems arises for the following reasons: in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, pathogens and fungi are almost ideal growing conditions. Not massively multiply and spread with the ventilation air throughout the building, the plant must be cleaned hygienically. Large amounts of dust and dirt that accumulates increases the risk of smouldering fires and dust explosions. Heavily soiled equipment consume up to 50% more power. This makes them highly uneconomical.

The professional cleaning of ventilation uses modern technologies: mobile cameras used the prior checking of the vents. See the cleaning staff, how it looks inside the vents. This enables a targeted, cost-effective cleaning. If necessary, samples can be extracted and examined in the laboratory for dangerous pathogens or mold and pollutants in the ventilation shafts. After completing the preparatory work the channels with rotating brushes, are dry cleaned, if necessary, also cleaning robots. Grease is met with dry steam or sodium bicarbonate. The result is finally reviewed by camera. Modern ventilation systems require sophisticated cleaning operations. The Waiblinger building cleaning experts of the ProGeMa service GmbH can assist your customers here with advice and assistance. Contact: ProGeMa service GmbH contact: Mr. Bilal unlu of town road 86 71334 Waiblingen phone: 07151 165 31 69 fax: 07151 165 40 66 E-Mail: website: